Amouranth In Fear Of Her Life, Hires Armed Guard

An Estonian man has been stalking Amouranth to the point that she is fearful of her life and has been forced to hire an armed guard.
Amouranth stalker
Amouranth has been stalked for a long while, and things are getting dangerous. | © Amouranth

Whilst Amouranth has previously spoken out about creepy fans and the dangers of being an E-Girl, things have got to a whole new level after an alleged stalker travelled all the way from Estonia to find her. Sharing her experience on Twitter, the former OnlyFans star revealed an insight into how terrifying things can get.

It's really a sad reality that women who choose to become online celebrities, whether it's Pokimane, Valkyrae or Amouranth, have to deal with stalkers and all kinds of creepy strangers both online and in real-life as well. It's a sad reality that this is really to be expected at this point, and isn't much of a surprise. What Amouranth has been through recently, though, blows everything out of the water.

Back on June 7, Amouranth shot out a bunch of Tweets about an ongoing situation in her private life. To start off, we want to establish that the police have been notified, according to Amouranth herself. That being said, when you hear the full story you may end up wondering whether that is perhaps not going to be enough.

Why is Amouranth in Fear of Her Life?

Amouranth has revealed that a stalker has moved all the way to her hometown from Estonia and is now watching her all day, mimicking everything that she does. According to the streamer, the stalker has been in her area since May 8 and has caused her to "fear for [her] life".

Because he had travelled all the way from ESTONIA to my city, living in a nearby hotel I want his stream to remain up so I can keep a close tab on him. I have a security system, a pew pew device, and lately I have had an armed employee living in the guest quarters. Part of the reason I’m taking this so seriously is because he has professed that he has sold all his worldly possessions, his residence and everything he owns to make the trip and he’s wracking up a MIGHTY bill on his charge card. This set up doesn’t give him any outs…

The man apparently sits at home all day and mimics everything that Amouranth does on-stream. She gave an example, explaining that he always takes a shower on his Twitch Stream when she gets into the Hot Tub.

Whilst Amouranth is still fearful that the stalker could do something, she has explained that there is currently an "armed employee" living in her spare room and that the police are aware. That being said, the situation must be incredibly scary and is honestly insanely f**ked up. Hopefully it all gets sorted out as soon as possible.