Amouranth is Setting Up an "e-Girl" Agency

Amouranth has revealed that she plans to set up an "e-Girl" agency, only a week after announcing her departure from OnlyFans.
Amouranth egirl agency
Amouranth might be quitting OnlyFans, but she's not leaving the e-Girl industry. | © Amouranth

Amouranth has been very busy over the last couple of weeks. After announcing her departure from OnlyFans last week, Amouranth revealed her position as the Lead Producer for the upcoming Streamer Royale show, and now she has revealed a whole new project. The project? Her very own e-Girl Agency!

The announcement came via Twitter (as usual) and revealed very little about what this agency will actually entail. What has become clear, though, is that despite Amouranth's decision to stop being an e-Girl herself (at least on OnlyFans), she isn't ready to leave that world behind. Fair enough, though, she has certainly been making a killing over the last few years.

Ultimately, though, Amouranth is extremely well-equipped to not only be an effective agent for e-Girls but also a compassionate one. It's an incredibly difficult industry, as she has spoken about on multiple occasions, and as someone who has been an e-Girl for a long time, she is certainly someone that you would want on your side if you were to decide on taking up that career.

Amouranth Announces "e-Girl" Agency

In a Tweet on April 20, Amouranth announced a brand-new e-Girl Agency with the goal to have it established by late May or early June. It is clear that this particular project may take a little bit to get off the ground, as she first needs to organize the Streamer Royale show.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE INTEREST! my team and I are training up and scaling up to be able to reach out about the OF/EGIRL AGENCY IN LATE MAY/Early June! I’ve also done a ton of calls with very interesting people RE ancillary services and had a ton of outreach including.

She has revealed that in her attempt to set up an effective e-Girl Agency, she will talk to various CEOs and "billion dollar private enterprise" and "people interested in the aloft/crowd funded support platforms, etc". It will be interesting who might potentially work with her on this project. Perhaps we could see Elon Musk getting involved?

This is all very interesting, as it could potentially spell out the next leg of Amouranth's career. She is already a multi-millionaire and, if done successfully, this could be a way for her to redirect some of that money into developing the careers of others. It's just a shame that these careers have to be in the e-Girl industry, if you ask me. But that's just my two-cents.