Amouranth's A Producer Now

Amouranth recently announced that she would be making a career shift, and now we have the details.
Amouranth producer
Amouranth is growin' up and becoming a... kind-of producer...? | © Amouranth / TopPNG / EarlyGame

Less than a week after Amouranth announced that she was quitting OnlyFans in search of a new career direction, she has been announced as the lead producer for Streamer Royale. It seems like a relatively reasonable fit, as the YouTuber and OnlyFans star is one of the most successful streamers of all time, but does she have the chops for the job?

The retiring adult content star has had a busy few weeks, having saved a Bunny on-stream, pretended to be pregnant and investing absurd amounts of money in Activision Blizzard stock. Now, it seems that she will be trying her hand at a whole different realm of work. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

What Is Streamer Royale?

Streamer Royale looks like it will be some kind of streamer-show that features a Battle Royale concept. There are very few details available, and certainly nothing like a concrete release date, but we imagine that it is seeking to cash in on the Battle Royale trend, but with a collection of the world's most successful streamers.

It is clear from Streamer Royale's statement, the one that announced Amouranth's role in the show, that the show will feature said influencers facing off in some kind of game to be crowned champion. Think reality TV show, but with streamers. Top quality content, really classic stuff...

Amouranth Will Be Streamer Royale's Lead Producer

Amouranth was announced as Streamer Royale's Lead Producer via Twitter on April 16, 2022. This could potentially answer a few of the questions we had after she took to Twitter last week, announcing her departure from OnlyFans and a new career shift that she said will come into effect in mid-June. This could end up being the beginning of Streamer Royale, whatever it ends up being.

We're excited to announce @Amouranth as the Lead Producer of Streamer Royale! Watch her creative vision come to life as our competitors face off to be crowned the champ. Make sure to follow this page, because we will be announcing the contestants very soon!

Nothing is really known about what this "creative vision" may end up being. After all, there isn't really anything creative about Amouranth's career so-far, so she is a little untested in this department. Still, we shouldn't discount her just-yet (even if the reality TV show concept is hardly inspiring), she is looking for a total career pivot, so we'll have to wait and see what comes of this project.

We don't like to bang on about whether a project is particularly inspired or not, but it does seem a little like Streamer Royale could well be a cash grab. A combination of something like "The Last Laugh" and the current Battle Royale video game trend. We'll have to see, though. After all, how bad could it be?