Pokimane Accused of Boosting Her Rank in Games!

Pokimane cryin
No need to cry about it, Pokimane! (Credit: @Pokimane on Twitter)

Pokimane is back in the news. This time, she got accused for boosting her Valorant account. This implies that she is not as good at gaming as she claims to be...

In a recent argument with a fan/hater on Twitter, Pokimane defended herself after being accused of boosting her Valorant account. After receiving a verbal slap on the wrist by Pokimane, the accuser deleted his tweets and his whole account altogether.

Pokimane twitter
The tweets got deleted, but the Internet doesn't forget. (Credit: Sportskeeda.com)

In case you don't know: Boosting means that you lend your account to better players to improve your ranking. Sometimes the skilled player gets paid to do this.

This is not the first time that Pokimane has been accused of boosting her accounts. People said in the past that she paid other people to improve her rating, but it was never confirmed. With accusations like these you simply never know: Is it true? Is it because she is a female gamer? Is it because many people just don't like her?

Even though we agree that Pokimane does not seem like the most skilled player, the fact that the tweets got deleted right away speaks for itself. We say: Fake. False news. Unnecessary hate.

The person who accused her probably just wanted their 15 seconds of fame, which they actually got. So good job on that! Hater.

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