Will Elon Musk Buy TikTok Now?

The internet is alight after Elon Musk bought Twitter last week, but is TikTok safe from the billionaire's grasp?

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Will he? | © TikTok

Elon Musk recently bought Twitter for a sum of $44 Billion USD... so an absolute forkload. With this acquisition hardly cold, causing millions of people to worry about the potential removal of key moderation powers, the internet is already on fire with news about a potential purchase of TikTok.

The thing is, it's all probably complete rubbish. Like, seriously rubbish. There is no news that suggests this. Joe Rogan did express that he would be interested in seeing such an acquisition, and this seems to be the kindling in the fire that seems to continue onwards into oblivion.

People are darn scared about the acquisition of Twitter by Musk, which, in many ways, is fair enough, but is also a bit overblown. Rogan spoke about Twitter's habit of shadow-banning accounts, and the idea that Musk could bring a whole new level of freedom to the platform. He even went as far as calling Musk a superhero.

Oh, s**t! Elon Musk just bought Twitter! We got a movie star type of superhero. It’s like a movie. Like if you had a movie, and there’s a guy who’s like a hero in the movie who happened to be a billionaire and does wild s**t.

Elon Musk Won't Buy TikTok

It's insanely unlikely that Elon Musk would buy TikTok, especially considering the company's links to the Chinese Government. They don't have the same rules as the Americans, and in many ways that's a good thing (one man can't just buy the whole darn company for starters), and in many ways that's a bad thing.

Speaking on a possible Musk-TikTok acquisition, though, Joe Rogan said that "TikTok is rough for that".

I think they don’t want anything to interrupt ad revenue and anything. Maybe Elon will buy TikTok next!

It's not surprising that Joe Rogan would want this acquisition to happen. After all, a few months ago he went on a long tirade with MrBeast about how he believes that TikTok is spying on people. I mean, it could be possible... but it does seem awfully unlikely, doesn't it?

In summary, though, no: Elon Musk is not buying TikTok. He probably has his hands full, to be honest. He just bought Twitter. There's a lot of crud to clean up there, and a lot to fix. This will be a long and daunting process for the billionaire, and he won't have the time to be buying TikTok anytime soon. Let's be real.