No-Lag VPNs for Call of Duty: Warzone

What is a No-Lag VPN? Lag in Call of Duty: Warzone can be a one-way ticket to the Gulag. Players have thus started to reach out for answers, and came across 'No Lag VPNs'. We've put together a breakdown of Warzone No Lag VPNs, why people are using them, what are they, and should you get one for yourself.

No Lag VP Ns Co D Warzone
A No-Lag VPN could prevent you from rage quitting. | © Wagner de Souza

If your ISP is having routing problems, or if you are experiencing packet loss with your current ISP, then maybe a VPN is right for you. But you should know upfront: a VPN will not magically increase your internet speeds, and fix your Warzone lag, but it can protect you from DDOS attacks and bandwidth throttling if you choose the right one. For certain people, this could be a perfect solution if you want to do something a little dodgy, but do not mistake VPNs for a simple 'upgrade' to your current speed. For that, and for Warzone, you need a No Lag VPN!

What Is A No-Lag VPN?

A no-lag VPN, unlike a standard VPN, improves packet-loss or bandwidth throttling, whilst still achieving the core purpose of a VPN. Without going into insane detail, a VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network) is a network that allows your computer's IP address to be re-routed through multiple servers, hiding your identity and your location. Through this, you can also trick your computer into thinking that it is in a different location than it actually is. Thus, when using a VPN for Warzone, you appear to be playing from wherever the VPN ports are located. It also means that your own ISP cannot detect that you are gaming, and can only tell from your traffic that you are accessing the VPN. If ISP's do detect that you're gaming, then they might bandwidth throttle your connection, to preserve browsing speeds for other users – this is why you need a No-Lag VPN for Warzone!

However, maybe your problems are connected to one of the countless error codes in Warzone:

Here you can see what we expect from Warzone 2:

Why Would A No-Lag VPN Help In Warzone?

A no-lag VPN will help Warzone players who are experiencing packet-loss or bandwidth throttling, and will also appeal to competitive players who might have become the targets of deliberate DDOS attacks. Keep in mind that a No-Lag VPN is not all that different from a standard VPN, it is mostly just that it is advertised and designed for a gaming audience.

What Can A No-Lag VPN Do For Warzone?

  • Play on the server you're friends play on if you're traveling or have moved abroad
  • Avoid DDOS attacks in your matches if you've become a target of such practices
  • Have all of your traffic encrypted - this one will appeal broadly to the security-conscious
  • Avoid bandwidth throttling imposed by your ISP
  • Events and DLC often release at different times for different regions, and if you want to play something the second it drops you might need to use a VPN to appear in one of those lucky countries that get the content firs

Our verdict? No-lag VPNs for Warzone can be hugely helpful to certain players, but for a lot of others this will not provide much of an advantage – so before you pull out your credit card, ask yourself whether you really need any of the benefits listed above. However, what will make you better without a doubt is the right weapon.