Lost Ark Crook Catcher Guide: NPC Locations To Get The Runaway Island Token

In Lost Ark the Crook Catcher quest awards you with the Runaway Island Token. We will show you the locations of the island and three important NPC criminals and sum up what you need to do to finish the quest and earn the island token.

Ship from Lost Ark sailing toars a snowy mountain
Foloow this guide to solve the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest and earn the Runaway Island token. | © Smilegate RPG

The Crook Catcher quest is part of Una's daily tasks in Lost Ark that players can participate in during the endgame. Complete the quest six times, and you earn the Token for Runaway Island. But how do you complete the Crook Catcher quest? And, more importantly, how do you even get to Runaway Island?

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Lost Ark Crook Catcher: Where To Find Runaway Island

Runaway Island is in the northeast of the world map, just above the continent of Arthetine and east of the Isle of Opportunity. It's in a relatively calm part of the ocean and shouldn't be too difficult to find, though you'll need access to Lost Ark's ships first. Also, you must be at combat level 50 as completing this island requires access to Una's daily quests.

Crook Catcher Quest: How To Get The Island Token

Once you've found Runaway Island, it's time to start the Crook Catcher quest. Pressing ALT+J will bring up the Quests menu, where you can select the daily and weekly quests you wish to accept.

Lost Ark Crook Catcher Quest
Lost Ark Crook Catcher: Let's round up some baddies! | © Smilegate RPG

It's a relatively easy task that involves tracking down and talking to three criminals on the island: the Lockpicker, Prison Ransomer, and Noble Impersonator The exact locations are randomized each time you accept the quest, but they are always in the west, east, and center of the island. Also, they take an indefinite amount of time to appear, so give yourself plenty of time to wait. You can recognize the criminals because they have orange speech bubbles above their heads, which makes them stand out from the other residents of the island. Here are some of the areas where the Lockpicker, Prison Ransomer, and Noble Impersonator can be found:

  • On the roofs of houses on the east and west sides of the island. You can reach them by jumping up at the interaction point.
  • Outside the houses.
  • On the roofs of the sidewalks by the western houses.
  • Inside the animal stables in the middle of the island.
  • Gathered around groups of NPCs.

After finding and talking to all the criminals, you need to talk to Rembrandt's character on the island to turn in the quest
. To get the island token you need to complete the quest 6 times, after that Rembrandt will give it to you as a reward.

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