Lost Ark Guide: Una's Tasks & Una's Tokens

In Lost Ark, the so-called Una's Tasks are the daily and weekly quests. In this guide, we show you everything you need to know about Una's Tasks in Lost Ark.

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Here's everything you need to know about Una's Tasks in Lost Ark. | © Smilegate

Lost Ark is an MMORPG through and through. Among many other things, that come with the genre, that also means that you have daily and weekly quests. In Lost Ark, they are called Una's Tasks. These special challenges and quests give you amazing rewards for completing them, including gold, silver, pirate coins and other important currencies in Lost Ark.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about Una's Tasks: What they are, how you unlock them and complete them and what Una's Tokens are.

What Are Una's Tasks in Lost Ark & How Can You Complete Them?

Lost Ark Unas Tasks Weekly Menu
In this menu, you can see everything about Una's Tasks. | © Smilegate

Una's Tasks are the daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark and you unlock them by reaching level 50. You can do up to three dailys and weeklies at a time. However, you can buy an item in Mari's Shop that will give you one more Una's Task for a day. So if you want to farm these quests, make sure to get that item!

You can access your tasks by clicking "Adventure" in the bottom-right corner of your screen and selecting "Una's Tasks". You can also access this menu by pressing Alt + J. In this menu, you will see different tabs that relate to Una's Tasks in Lost Ark:

  • Daily: Here you can see your available daily quests. These are fairly simple side quests. Pick three per day, and go to the specified location to complete your task.
  • Weekly: You guessed it... this tab shows you your weekly quests. Wow! These quests usually ask you to engage in late game content, like chaos dungeons and boss fights.
  • Reputation: Completing Una's Tasks increase your reputation with NPCs, which you also see in this tab. Once you have a good enough reputation with a certain character, you will get additional rewards.
  • Guild Request: Here you can see Guild weekly quests. These can only be selected by your guild leader and grant XP towards your guild's next rank.

Like we said, these quests are usually pretty easy to complete. Doing Una's Tasks will grant you not just reputation points, which help you progress towards getting rewards. You can also earn Una's Tokens, which you can convert to gold.

How To Earn & Use Una's Tokens

Lost Ark Unas Token Menu
You can see your Una's Token in Lost Ark on the left side of the Una's Tasks menu. | © Smilegate

Every task you complete will earn you points that can be redeemed for Una's Tokens at the end of the week in Lost Ark. Daily tasks give you two points, weeklies give you twelve. Here's how many points you need to earn Una's Token:

  • 25 Points: 27 Una's Tokens
  • 35 Points: 27 Una's Tokens
  • 45 Points: 36 Una's Tokens
  • 55 Points: 36 Una's Tokens
  • 70 Points: 54 Una's Tokens

Quick maths is annoying, so I'll do the tally for you: You can earn up to 180 Una's Tokens per week in Lost Ark, if you manage to earn 70 points. Assuming you complete the maximum number of dailies and weeklies, you can earn 78 points per week, so you can miss out on four daily tasks and still earn all of Una's Tokens that are available in a week.

In the aforementioned menu, which you can open with Alt + J, you can claim your Una's Tokens. With the tokens in your inventory, go to any exchange merchant in Lost Ark to turn Una's Tokens into gold.

And that's all, folks! Good luck with Una's Tasks, don't forget to do them regularly. If you want to earn lots of Pirate Coins or see the roadmap of upcoming content for Lost Ark, we at EarlyGame got you covered.