Lost Ark Guide: How To Earn Silver Quickly

Silver is the main currency in Lost Ark that you don't have to pay real money for. Grind enough, and you can earn a lot for free. But what are the best ways to earn Silver?

Silver Farming
Let's go farming! | © Smilegate RPG

You need a ton of silver of Lost Ark. More than you could possibly imagine. But once you've completed the story quests, and earned about 1,000,000 silver, where can you turn for more? Where can you grind for Lost Ark's most common form of currency?

What Do You Need Silver For In Lost Ark?

Silver is used for almost everything in Lost Ark. It's used for weapons, it's used for equipment, and it's used for every kind of service. Hell, later in this article we're going to give you a Silver farming route that requires you to spend silver using your Bifrosts. So it would be easier to say what it wasn't used for.

Don't panic, you might need a lot of silver, but once you've set your routes up you can farm it every day in under 5 minutes.

How Can You Get Silver As Fast As Possible?

Cube Dungeons

Cube Dungeons are level-based dungeons; you start at the bottom and work your way up progressively harder "floors" to earn more valuable rewards at the end of each "floor". If you've ever played any game like Lost Ark, or really any game with dungeons, then you've come across this type of thing. The important thing in this case: Cube Dungeons give you chests after completing floors, and every chest can drop silver. It's not a method you "farm" as quickly as others, but it's one of the most fun. ones

Cube In Lost Ark
This was such a great idea for a dungeon. | © Smilegate RPG

Here are the chests you should expect as you complete the following levels:

Level 0-3No rewards
Level 4-7Bronze Cube Chest
Level 8-10Silver Cube Chest
Level 11-12Gold Cube Chest
Level 13-15Platinum Cube Chest
Level 16-19Diamond Cube Chest
Level 20Diamond Cube Chest

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are small, quick dungeons that play like a horde mode in Lost Ark. You can usually get at least 10,000 silver from a Chaos Dungeon, all you need to do is target the mini-bosses who spawn alongside the hordes, and they will drop silver.

Each Chaos Dungeon should only take 6 minutes or so to complete, but if you're slow, potentially 10 minutes. If you're taking a long time in every dungeon, consider our guide on the best classes for beginners.

Chaos Dungeon
Now this is a loot room... | © Smilegate RPG

Exchange Sylmael Bloodstones For Silver

Thankfully, you can exchange Bloodstones for Silver in Lost Ark, by travelling to the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange in the guild. You get Bloodstones by logging on and contributing to your guild in any way.

Bloodstone exchange
You can see exactly on the minimap where to go for the exchange. | © Smilegate RPG

Here's the exchange rate you get between Bloodstones and Silver. It all depends on the level of your Guild Shop Research.

Guild Shop ResearchBloodstonesSilver Received

If you're confused as to why the exchange rate is worse at level 2 and 3 than at level 1, so are we. The devs haven't explained, and most of the community assume it's a bug for now.

Complete Una's Daily Tasks

Una functions as the reward for regularly coming online, like daily challenges from other games, and if you complete her tasks each day you can earn lots of silver. In fact, once you have your routes set up, and you can complete the tasks very easily, this is the fastest way to save up silver. Just log on consistently, at least try to do your tasks every day. Una also offers weekly rewards, and these offer even more silver.

Befriend NPCs

There's a system of "Rapport" in Lost Ark, which lets you improve relationships with NPCs by taking certain actions or completing certain tasks. When you improve Rapport with certain NPCs, they can reward you with silver. This is not necessarily a super quick way to earn silver, but we wanted to include every possible method to make sure we covered all our bases.

What's The Quickest Way To Farm Silver?

The quickest way to farm silver in Lost Ark is to set up your Bifrosts in such a way that you can farm the same three Lopang Island tasks from Una each day in five minutes. To set this farm up, just complete the following:

  1. First, you need to complete the Lopang Island quest to unlock these Special Delivery tasks. The quest is very short. You'll know you complete it when you get to an exam, here are three answers:
    1. Arthetine
    2. Sea of Gienah
    3. Customers
  2. Now you have the Lopang Island quests unlocked, you need to set your Bifrosts up in the right way to complete the daily tasks quickly. Set one Bifrost up in Lopang, right where you get the quests, and then set three more up in front of each of the NPCs that you need to visit in the three daily Special Delivery missions. If you don't have access to that many Bifrosts yet, we really do recommend getting the Crystalline Aura, it just makes your life so much easier having extra Bifrost slots.
  3. Each day, travel to Lopang, grab the three daily tasks, and jump from Bifrost to Bifrost completing them.

We recommend doing this on an alt, so you can use the Bifrosts in other ways, but it's up to you. You could do this farm daily on multiple characters if you really want the silver.

Can You Trade Silver For Gold In Lost Ark?

Yes, you can buy silver for gold in any city by speaking with NPCs Belmond or Halmond at the Gold Shop, the exchange rate is 1 gold for 100 silver. But we really don't recommend doing this unless you can afford to start spending a ton in Lost Ark. It's not worth the exchange rate really, especially when you consider how easy farming routes like the one above are. Especially gold is rarer than silver, so you should rather farm for gold as well instead of exchanging it for silver.