Lost Ark: The Best Subclasses For Beginners

Lost Ark has 15 different subclasses, and while they all have their positives, some of them are far harder to learn than others. So, where should you begin? Which are the best subclasses for beginners in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark best beginner Classes
How do you plan on taking down a beast like this if you're playing a tough class? | © Smilegate RPG

So, you've just fired up Lost Ark for the first time, and you're wondering where to begin. There's so much going on, it's all trying to grab your attention, and frankly, it's overwhelming. Don't worry. EarlyGame is here, and we're going to guide you through the best subclass to pick as a new player. We've ranked our three favorite subclasses for beginners beneath, but pick whichever one grabs your imagination the most. You've got to love who you're playing, after all.

The Best Subclasses For Beginners

In Lost Ark, you choose one of five classes, and then you pick your subclass. We think there are really only three subclasses that are truly a good option for beginners, and we've ranked these below.

Mage - Sorceress

There are two Mage classes in Lost Ark. Bard and Sorceress, and if you've played games like Lost Ark before, let me put it like this: Bard is control, Sorceress is pure DPS. So yeah, sure, you might be squishy as hell, but for newer players, DPS builds are often much easier to understand. You're not trying to do anything complex - you're trying to throw down as much damage as possible. So as you go through the game as a Sorceress, the right and wrong mechanical choices will be more obvious to you. And of course, the Dodge skill will be saving your life constantly.

Mage Sorceress
Damage, damage, and more damage! | © Smilegate RPG

Gunner - Artillerist

There are four Gunner classes in Lost Ark, these are basically your ranged options, and there are certainly some very difficult Gunner subclasses, but there's also an easy alternative in the form of Artillerist. In a sentence, the Artillerist moves slowly and uses gigantic weapons to shoot a ton. You don't need good reactions, you don't even need the best aim, you just need a little patience and a giant blaster!

Gunner Artillerist
More firepower, less accuracy... | © Smilegate RPG

Warrior - Beserker

DnD fans won't be surprised by this pick. Beserkers are a simple class wherever they appear, and Lost Ark is no different. Want to just spam basic attack skills? Play the Beserker! Okay, that was mean, sorry Beserker mains. It's not that simple, but spamming attacks will go a lot better for a Beserker than it will for other classes. The only thing new players need to be aware of when playing Beserkers however, is that they aren't the toughest Warriors - so keep an eye on that health! But don't freak out, you're still buff, you're not as squishy as a Mage or something lame like that.

Warrior Beserker
He sees, he hits. Simple! | © Smilegate RPG

Okay gang, well that was your overview of the best subclasses to play if you're just getting started in Lost Ark.

As we said up top, all of these would be great options, and even though we did rank them, you should pick whichever appeals to you most. You won't stay on the grind very long if you don't love your character!