How To Access the League of Legends PBE Server

It's almost that time again, a new League of Legends Patch is close to hitting live servers. There is an opportunity to be a step ahead of everyone though. We will show you how to access the League of Legends test server.

Heimerdinger PBE Server
League of Legends: You don't have to be a genius like Heimerdinger, but there are some necessary steps to follow. | © Riot Games

New patches bring a whole lot of changes to the League of Legends meta. We get new champions, new game modes and brand-new skins as well. Usually, League of Legends is being patched every two weeks. If you want to be in the know-how of every upcoming Patch and reading Patch Notes and downloading the update as soon as possible isn't enough for you, then the Public Beta Environment (PBE) is the place to go!

In the following article we'll show you everything you need to know. From the requirements you need to fulfill to the installation itself. Well, let's take a look!

League of Legends: How to Join the PBE Server

First off, you'll need to visit Riot Games' official website. There is a dedicated page where you can apply for the PBE Server. The first step on that page is signing in with your personal Riot-ID. Don't worry about the abbreviation for North America in the URL, this is the right page for every region! So all you need to do is log-in and the first step towards a spot on the PBE Server is done.

What Are the Requirements For Your LoL-Account?

For some this is where the dream of joining the PBE Server might end already. Riot is basically scanning your account you play with on the public servers. To start this check, you need to click on "Check My Eligibility". Fingers crossed for you because there are certain requirements that might lock you out of participating in the beta.

If you for example have an active ban at the time of applying for a PBE account, you'll not be able to participate. Honor Level 3 is another requirement for your successful registration. It's pretty clear – the PBE server is a designated no-bad-boys-zone! Lastly you'll need to submit your criminal record and... hey, I'm just joking! If you passed these checks, you're ready to keep going.

After successful registration there will be three text boxes where you'll need to set up password and username for your PBE account. Don't be worried about not having to enter an e-mail-adress, the access to the test server is linked with your main account.

Pbe registration
This is what you'll be met with while signing up for a PBE account. | © Riot Games

If you have set up your login data, you'll be ready to download the PBE client either for Mac or Windows. The download will be about 11 gigabyte in size and should start automatically.

Accessing the Server

So, you're eager to try out the new Rengar rework or the rune, that is taking Ravenous Hunter's place? Well, on the PBE server you can test all that in advance! If you still have your League of Legends or the Riot Client open it's best to close them before proceeding.

Open the client's installer, choose your installation path and hit "install". If you might be met with some error messages, just log out completely and log in with your PBE account data. You'll know that everything went right when you can only chose the PBE server in the Riot Client and not the public servers League of Legends.

The last thing that's left until you can get into the PBE action is downloading the test version of League of Legends and you're ready to got! We hope that our guide helped you a little bit to keep up to date with all the changes inside the game!

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