Amazon Wants To Bring Lost Ark To Console

Lost Ark is currently only available on PC, but it might not stay that way forever. Developers of the game admitted that they want to bring the game to consoles.
Lost Ark Biggest Game Steam
Is Lost Ark coming to consoles? | © Smilegate/Amazon

Lost Ark has conquered the PC market like it's nobody's business. When the game came out last month, it quickly became a huge hit. That obviously means, that console players are looking at it with a pinch of envy. PlayStation or Xbox players are left alone, unable to play Lost Ark... yet. If you are a console guy and are clamoring for Lost Ark, then let me give you a bit of hope: the developers of the game just revealed, that they want to bring the game to consoles.

Lost Ark Could Come To Consoles

Amazon Games boss Soomin Park revealed in a new interview with VG247 that Lost Ark could come to consoles. According to the interview, Bezos Corp., who publish the game in the West, and developer Smilegate have recieved overwhelming feedback from people who want to play the exciting Action-RPG on consoles. Because of the large interest, they're considering a port for consoles:

"If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it's something both parties would consider!

That's all we got on a potential console version of Lost Ark for now. So no, this is not an official confirmation that the game will come to consoles. But they're thinking about it and considering the huge success of the game on Steam, a port for consoles is only a matter of time.