Confirmed: The Next Witcher Game Is Not The Witcher 4

CDPR confirmed that they're working on a new Witcher, but they also let us know that it's not The Witcher 4. What does that mean?

Witcher 4 leaked
He will definitely not return. | © CDPR

CDPR announced The Witcher 4. Or so we thought... we were all certifiably giddy with joy at the prospect of a fourth Witcher entry, that we never really stopped to properly read the announcement - or at least I didn't: CDPR never announced a fourth Witcher entry, rather, they announced a new Witcher saga.

The Upcoming Witcher Is Not the Witcher 4

CDPR's global PR director, Radek Grabowski, took to Twitter to specifically clarify that the upcoming Witcher game is not The Witcher 4:

Still, this is nothing to be concerned about, because we're still getting a new Witcher saga, meaning that our favorite fantasy RPG continues. What's more, the fact that it is not The Witcher 4 means that the game is free to explore any storyline in the Witcher universe. It also means that new players will not have to play The Witcher 3 to keep up, and considering that the game is meant to run on Unreal Engine 5, it makes sense that CDPR sees this as a fresh start.

It is safe to assume that CDPR sees this as a clean break from the original Witcher trilogy, so this confirms what we long assumed: Geralt will definitely not return for this one. Does that open a door for Ciri possibly being the main character? Maybe. Or... maybe we'll be getting an entirely new cast of characters - we'll probably find out soon enough.