Is The Witcher Getting A Remake?

Will The Witcher be getting a remake in the coming years? Has CD Projekt Red confirmed this news?

The Witcher Remake
Just imagine this remake. | © CDPR

Remakes are nothing new in the world of entertainment. How often have movies been remade years after the initial release — and let’s be honest kind of sucked compared to the OG. Games have also been ‘remade’ and not for the better as well.

So, what would you guys think of everyone’s favorite trilogy to be getting a remake? Would you play it? Let’s see whether The Witcher really is going to be remade.

Will The Witcher Be Remade?

The remake of the original Witcher game is not confirmed, but fans on the internet — aka Reddit do want to make it happen. The original game came out all the way in 2007 and back then video games looked and played a lot different from today.

Oh, and for those of you who play on console, sorry boys and girls, the game is only available for PC. So, of course, you’d like to have the OG for the PS5, right? Well, that’s what some players on Reddit also suggested.

The Witcher 1 deserves a full on remake from witcher

What Would Be Changed In a Witcher Remake?

As mentioned, the original Witcher was released almost 15-years ago. The graphics would definitely need an upgrade, but not just that. The gameplay would also be improved, since some features are quite annoying and inconvenient.

Adding in better controls, improved graphics, but keeping the story line would probably rake in CD Projekt Red quite a bit of money. They’ve got the groundwork done already with the original Witcher game.

Is there any chance that the developers go back to the game and fix it up to release it? Maybe. Is it confirmed? Nope. Right now, The Witcher remake is nothing more than a pipe dream of some fans on Reddit — myself included.

Though, with the increase in rumored remakes like Until Dawn and The Last of Us, hope is glimmering on the horizon. Let’s also not forget the popularity that the Netflix series raked in. More audience, more games and more money. Please, CD Projekt Red, listen to us and make The Witcher remake happen!