Classic PS4 Horror Game Getting a Remake

Apparently a game that was released in 2015, and still looks fine, is still not safe from the remake machine: We're getting an Until Dawn remake.

Until Dawn Remake
Because... clickbait. Not gonna lie... | © Until Dawn

I liked Until Dawn. Seriously. That was a good game. I played it with a friend, and we just took turns throughout the story (that came out wrong), and had a couple good scares here and there... it was like a movie night. An interactive movie night. Or, to be super specific: An interactive horror movie night. And that's exactly what the game sets out to be, and also, why it was successful. So successful, that according to a leak on 4Chan, the game is now getting a remaster. Pinch that salt, y'all. Time to be doubtful.

Until Dawn Remake Coming

  • The game is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC
  • All the actors return
  • The game is slightly changed to fit the canon of the Dark Picture Universe
  • Spoiler: The killer is an actual killer now and not Josh – Spoiler Over
  • There will be more branching paths
  • There is more screen time for Matt and Jessica
  • There are more deaths
  • There is a new ending

After all of this leaked on 4Chan, a prominent Twitter leaker chimed in, with his own 2 cents, giving all of this a little more credibility:

From what I've heard from several separate sources, in addition to their new games, Supermassive Games is reportedly working on a remake of Until Dawn for some time that will be coming to current-gen consoles. I will try to find out more about this potential project.

One issue with this leak is that it states the game is supposedly come for current-gen consoles, as in: plural. Sony owns the IP for Until Dawn, and all of its publishing rights, so it's highly unlikely that the game would come to consoles other than the PS5 (and the PS4, I guess, but that'd be pointless, since Until Dawn launched on it).

If you haven't played Until Dawn, I definitely recommend it, but at the same time... maybe wait a little to see if there's an actual remaster coming. With the game being as interactive as it is, beautiful graphics really would enhance the experience even more.