Disney Are Rebooting Home Alone For Christmas!

Home Alone is one of the Christmas films, and now it's being rebooted by Disney for the holidays - but with one striking difference from the original.
Home Sweet Home Alone
On the left, the new 'Kevin', and on the right (of course) the OG . | © Disney

Home Alone is iconic, and for good reason. It's one of those Christmas films that you can reliably put on without getting kickback from an older relative or someone that wants to watch a film not made in America. No, everyone enjoys Home Alone, and Disney made a fairly safe bet choosing to reboot the film, this time titled: Home Sweet Home Alone.

The trailer makes it look very faithful to the original, almost shot for shot in some scenes, but they have made at least one significant change to the family...

The Home Sweet Home Alone Trailer

Take a look for yourselves at what they've done with Home Sweet Home Alone:

As you can see they still live in a huge house in the suburbs, and it's appropriately snowy (everything audiences love for a Christmas film). The plot also looks fairly identical, with the parents remembering the child mid-flight and having to slowly make it back to him, while he has a raucous Christmas fighting burglars.

The notable difference is that, despite the film being set in the US, they've used English actors. There must be something about the voice that polls well with audiences, understandably. Perhaps they were worried the film would come off as sickly sweet if they tried it with an American child?

Popping in? Here for a browse? We got you:

When Is The Home Sweet Home Alone Release Date?

Home Sweet Home Alone will premiere on Disney Plus on November 12. It won't be getting a theater release, but this is a film for the homestead, not the big screen anyway.

Fans and critics alike seem delighted by the news, with only a few exceptions. The Guardian was predictably condescending and cynical, asking: "Do we really need a new version of Home Alone?". No, of course, we don't need one - just as we don't need another mince pie or more port, but we allow ourselves to be self-indulgent at Christmas. And quite right, too.

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