Will The Witcher Be In Arcane Season 2?

Henry Cavill has recently stated that he's a fan of Arcane and now fans want The Witcher to appear in Season 2. Could this actually happen?

Witcher arcane season 2
A character that looks like Henry Cavill that looks like Geralt of Rivia. Chef's kiss. | © Netflix/Riot Games

I know, this is a bit of a reach because how the hell would this even work, right? Quite honestly, I don’t know myself, but this wouldn’t be the first time that fans get what they want, and Henry Cavill has been known to appear in various gaming franchises, be it The Witcher or a possible Mass Effect series and Red Dead Redemption movie. Him appearing in Arcane, one way or another, could therefor happen... theoretically.

But let’s backtrack a little. What actually happened that we’re bringing this up now?

Henry Cavill Confirms Love For Arcane

Henry Cavill recently did an interview with BBC Radio 1 in which the interviewer asked Cavill about whether he had watched Arcane. During the time of the interview, he hadn’t seen it, but seemingly started doing his research right after, because Josh Horowitz (you’d probably know him from MTV News or Comedy Central) has recently spent some time with Cavill in which they recommended each other stuff to watch.

Cavill then “enthusiastically recommended Arcane”. Didn’t take long for him to start watching after that interview.

Will Henry Cavill Be In Arcane Season 2?

Now, how would that even work, you might ask? Will they just make a character that looks like Henry Cavill? Like the Witcher version of him?

Seems like most people think it would be Cavill voicing a new LoL champ in Arcane Season 2.

Champions like Jarvan IV, Sett, Sylas or Swain have come up when discussing this topic and let me tell you: Henry Cavill voicing Sett is a planned pregnancy for all viewers, male or female, doesn’t matter.

Naturally, this is nothing but a “would be nice” scenario, but given Henry Cavill’s geeky side, we wouldn’t put it past him to take up a role like this if it were offered to him.