This Free To Play Game Is The Biggest Thing On Steam Right Now

Lost Ark is a F2P MMO Action RPG that just came out on Steam for the first time. And it's already one of the biggest games ever on the platform.
Lost Ark Biggest Game Steam
Lost Ark is the next big thing on Steam right now. | © Lost Ark

Have you heard of Lost Ark? You probably have, because it conquered the internet like it's nobody's business. Lost Ark here, there, everywhere. But what is this game, and why is it the biggest thing on Steam right now? Let's check it out!

Lost Ark Is The Biggest Game on Steam

Lost Ark is an MMO Action RPG that was originally released in 2019 in South Korea. And it was already absolutely huge here. Now it came out in the west, published by Amazon, and it's conquering the gaming world once again. The game is an action packed game, played from an isometric perspective (think Diablo). It looks and feels great and the best thing about it – it's free to play. You need to pay exactly zero money to play this fantastic action game with all of your friends. And that's why it is currently the biggest thing on Steam.

We're not pulling this out of our behinds: Lost Ark is already one of the most played games ever on Steam. This nugget of sweetness comes from Steam DB, who analyzes player data on Valve's platform. According to them, Lost Ark is the fifth game ever to reach over one million concurrent players AND is already the fourth most played game on Steam ever. That is absolutely insane. I mean, let's put it like this: in the entire history of Steam, only Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG had higher peaks than Lost Ark. What a brilliant success story. Well done, folks.

It's really a fantastic game and in our humble opinion absolutely deserves its massive success. If you don't know what Lost Ark is or why you should absolutely give a hoot about it, check out a trailer below.