Modders Have Already Improved Pokemon Arceus Graphics

So Pokemon Arceus is out, and people are loving it. One thing that people are not loving are the game's graphics, but modders have found a way to change that.

Despite my doubts and worries, Pokemon Legends: Arceus actually turned out to be a good game. Some would even call it a great game. One thing that's not praised, though, is the game's graphics. Yes, visuals aren't everything, and, yes, the game is fun without looking like a 10, but still... we gotta be honest here: Arceus looks outdated af. Luckily, this is where modders stepped up to change that.

Modders Upgraded Pokemon Arceus' Graphics

The footage comes courtesy of YouTuber PuprleThunderNE, who showcased Arceus with improved visuals, and quality-of-life changes. Many of the mods specifics are still in development, as they come with quite a few issues, so this is far from a finished product. All the more impressive how good this already looks, but don't just take our word for out, go judge for yourself:

As you can see, everything has been upgraded – higher quality textures, better draw distance, a much prettier looking sky, and overhauled water effects, along with gameplay improvements: With this mod, you can add in-game map markers for collectibles, have access to infinite stamina, better controls, swim longer, and climb faster with Sneasler.

So, yes, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is fine as it is, but I'll be damned if this mod doesn't make the game look much more attractive, and also makes us think: Why didn't the game just release like that?

Of course, if you want to mod the game, you'll need a modded Switch – a standard retail Switch will not give you the option to download any mods.