Elden Ring Will Have Secret Difficult Bosses

Elden Ring is about to be released, and FromSoftware revealed one more tidbit of information regarding the game's bosses, just to really get the blue balls going.

Elden ring secret bosses
They're out there somewhere, waiting to f*** up your day. | © Elden Ring

We already wrote about how Elden Ring will be less difficult than previous Souls games, without really making any encounters easier. We also wrote about how Elden Ring might quite possibly be one of the greatest games ever. We actually wrote a lot about Elden Ring, because we're hyped for the game. So, today, we're gonna do something familiar... write about Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Will Have Secret Bosses

In terms of bosses that are unessential and optional and hidden, there are some of these that we have deliberately increased the challenge for those players who want to seek out this kind of experience. Hopefully if you’re that way inclined, you can seek out some really tough challenges hidden away in the world.

Translation, if you're a masochistic little sh*t, our sadistic game devs are happy to indulge you. Honestly, though, this sounds amazing to me: Elden Ring is essentially Breath of the Wild for grown-ups, in the sense that it is simply a massive playground, allowing you to do whatever you want.

The fact that the game's biggest challenges are outside of the main story makes the game much more accessible, while still giving Souls-veterans the challenge they're looking for. Good move. That's good game-design right there – at least in theory, since we obviously don't know what the final game will feel like yet.