Lost Ark Dungeon Guide: Secret, Chaos & Abyss

Lost Ark is a fantasy MMO, which means you'll be spending 90% of your time dungeon crawling for loot. But which types of dungeons are there in Lost Ark? And where do you find them?

Lost ark dungeons
Where can you find bosses like this? | © Smilegate RPG

If you're just starting out on your journey with Lost Ark, then you're probably hearing a lot about dungeons. Dungeons are the backbone of MMOs like Lost Ark. Without them, the constant gear-grind wouldn't be possible. But how do dungeons even work, what are the different types, and where can you find them?

How Do Dungeons Work In Lost Ark?

Dungeons are self-contained locations filled with enemies. They can be entered either alone or with a group, and when you defeat all the enemies within, you get loot. It's that simple. Think of them like combat-focused missions you grind purely for the reward. You'll end up seeing very similar dungeons and the same bosses and enemies, but there are also a few unique dungeons tied to the main campaign.

Normal Dungeons In Lost Ark

Normal Dungeons exist all over the world, and are basically the lowest-level of dungeons. Normal Dungeons have the easiest enemies and bosses to beat, and consequently, they give out the least reward. But that doesn't mean they aren't worth doing, just don't expect to get god-tier loot.

Secret Dungeons In Lost Ark

Secret Dungeons are one level up from normal dungeons; they have slightly harder enemies and bosses within, and they reward you with slightly better loot. Still not the high-end goodies that Abyss and Chaos dungeons offer, but some solid loot. However, the main difference is that you have to find hidden entrances into these dungeons, like the one shown beneath:

Secret Dungeons Lost Ark
Look traveller! A secret entrance... | © Smilegate RPG

Whereas Normal Dungeons require you to simply go to a location, secret locations require you to take those extra steps and discover where they might be located.

Abyss Dungeons In Lost Ark

Abyss Dungeons are the second-highest level of dungeon; they're much harder than normal dungeons and must be completed as a team. Also, these dungeons are unique linear dungeons with their own bosses that need to be learned, like the one below.

Abyss Dungeons Lost Ark
These can get nasty. | © Smilegate RPG

Because Abyss Dungeons are so difficult, you need to be level 50 and meet certain item level requirements to enter them, and because the rewards are so good, you cannot attempt a single Abyss Dungeon more than three times a week. But the rewards are huge, so this is the end-game content you're going to be regularly working towards.

Chaos Dungeons In Lost Ark

And finally we get to Chaos Dungeons, these are the most difficult and rewarding dungeons in Lost Ark. You need to be level 50, and you need to complete the main quest in Vern to even get access. But once you've completed the Queen's Request, you will automatically begin a new quest chain that unlocks Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons Lost Ark
Serious cash money to be won here. | © Smilegate RPG

Chaos Dungeons are by far the best way to increase your gear's level, but you can only run 2 a day and get the full rewards. Don't worry, though, completing 2 Chaos Dungeons will be very difficult and take some time, so you'll rarely be yearning for a third.

That brings us to the end of our guide to dungeons in Lost Ark, we hope you found it helpful. The dungeons are great fun in this game, but if they do ever get too difficult, maybe have a rethink of your character...