Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid Guide | All 3 Phases

Abyss Raids are among the most difficult challenges in Lost Ark. Our guide explains how you can easily complete the Abyss Raid Argos!

Lost Ark: Argos is the big raid boss and it is nasty. | © Smilegate

Argos is an Abyss Raid in Lost Ark and requires an item level of 1,370 or higher to start. The Argos raid consists of three phases, all of which require a different gear score. So you can't play them all one after another. You can enter the first phase with an item level of 1,370, while the 3rd phase requires a crisp 1,400 GS.

Your party consists of 8 players in total, so 2 teams of 4 players each. For Argos, it is highly recommended to take one support per team. Also make sure to stock up on health and shield potions. And good communication between the team members is key.

In this article we'll show you how to master all three phases and also list his basic attack patterns! Good luck!

Lost Ark Argos Raid | Basic Attacks


Argos raises either its left or right paw and slashes forward once. Beware of frontal attacks!

Horn Quake

Argos' horns light up and it lowers its head. It then tears up the ground in front of it. Quickly flee from his frontal zone in time!

Double Stomp

Argos stomps with both paws on the ground and also tears up a cone-shaped surface. Most of the time it performs its stomp twice. Quickly hop to the side or behind its back!


Argos bounces lightly in the air and then kicks hard to the back with its two hind paws. You must always be alert here. If it hits you, it will hurl you through the air.

Whirl Jump

Argos jumps into the air, performs a spin and explodes a ring-shaped area on the ground. With this attack, it's best to stick close to the boss or stand very far away to avoid being hit by the ring-shaped AOE.

Earth Fissures

Argos draws two thin cracks along the ground and prepares a powerful attack that explodes on the entire battlefield. While the two cracks activate, move into the space in between, you'll be protected there.


Argo's horns light up again, but this time it stares ahead with its head for a second and then quickly dashes in that direction. Beware! Often a second attack follows, which is usually a jump attack.

Super Jump

Argos dissolves and comes flying down from above after a while. Watch out for the blue circles!

Teleport Jump

Argos teleports here as well, but this time to the front. It leaves bright tracer marks on the ground and jumps into it as fast as lightning. Stay out of the tracer!

Light Orbs

When you see Argos jumping backwards, it prepares its light orbs, which it then shoots forward.

Mega Stomp

After you and your team have staggered Argos in battle and dealt some decent damage, you'll need to pay attention because more often than not, it will perform a massive stomp after it straightens up. If it stomps with his right, it will make the inner area around it explode. But if it stomps with its left paw, the outside area.

Lost Ark Argos Raid | Phase 1

Asmongold kritisiert Lost Ark Argos Abyssal Raid

The theme of the raid is Sun and Moon. At the beginning of the raid, one team gets a sun debuff and the other team gets a moon debuff. The indicator for this is the colored ground below you, yellow = sun and purple = moon.

Now, here's the twist: you must not touch the opposite element under any circumstance. No matter what attack happens, if it is your opposite, then take cover. You don't have to be afraid of the same color.

This means that both groups of players have to react differently. You will play the raid with eight players, but if you play together as usual, Argos will mess your team up.

Specific Boss Mechanics For Phase 1:

If Argos jumps into the middle of the arena, it always means that a new mechanic is coming.

1. Sun & Moon Explosions

Argos lifts both front paws high in the air and stomps violently on the ground. As it does so, it marks an inner and outer area on the ground, which are either sun or moon. All sun players must go to the sun zone, and all moon players must go to the moon zone to avoid taking damage.

2. Big Pizza

Eight large "pizza squares" with moon and sun markers appear on the floor. Quick reflexes are required here. After the projection, you must immediately hop into the corresponding zone of your color. If you don't make it in time, you'll get massive damage. Argos performs the attack three times in a row.

3. Small Pizza

It projects a pizza on the ground again, but this time a different variation. The field quickly flashes 5 times in a row, and in that time you and your team must memorize the 5 positions of your corresponding sun or moon fields. Once you have memorized your fields, run into them. Otherwise you will get a ton of damage.

Hot Tip:
In Korea, it's a common practice for each team member to multiply their own number by 3 and take that direction. So if you are number 2 in your group, you have to take over the pizza field at 6 o'clock. If the group does not agree on a method beforehand, stick to this one.

4. Sun & Moon Aura

Argos straightens up vertically and fires a circular sun or moon aura. If you have the same color, you have nothing to fear within this aura.

5. Sun & Moon Orbs

During the battle, Argos summons yellow and purple orbs all over the battlefield. You must collect the orbs of your color, if you catch another one you will be staggered.

6. Safe Spot

Argos summons 8 safe spots, including 4 moon circles and 4 sun circles. The lunar circles are close to the boss, the solar circles are slightly more outside. Again, you need to get to your respective element (1 player per square) to avoid being eliminated by Argos' shockwavve.

7. Tranquility Phase

After the shockwave, Argos creates a dotted circle around itself that expires over time. During this phase, it is best for the whole team to do a damage stop and avoid attacks on the boss. Argos will receive a boost from the respective element if too many attacks are made and will wipe out the opposing group. Therefore, the best and easiest solution: in the tranquility phase, just run, run, run until the bar runs out.

Hot Tip:
When the tranquility phase ends, the debuff changes. Meaning: All yellow players turn purple and all purple players now turn yellow. From this point on, the team has to regroup.

Here you can watch the whole thing again:

Lost Ark Argos Raid | Phase 2

Lost ark argos abyss raid 0001 Layer 11 1421x799
Teamplay must be re-thought here. | © Smilegate

The team still consists of 8 players, so 2 teams of 4 players each. It is highly recommended to take one support per team, as the boss deals high damage. The second phase of Argos consists of a total of 5 stages:

1. Argos Arena

All 8 players fight together against Argos, who has become a bit stronger this time. It has again most of its attacks from phase 1. There is no element change anymore.

2. Sun Arena

After a while, Argos sticks its head in the air and the camera zooms out to show the entire arena. At this moment, the entire sun team is teleported to the Sun Arena and must defeat the mini-boss Veorix. Watch out for the exploding fireflies here. If the explosion hits you, you will be staggered. While the moon team continues to fight Argos, it will shoot a thick laser beam high into the air at certain intervals. This is an indicator of an upcoming wipe mechanic and must be passed on to the sun team immediately. Once Veorix is defeated, the team moves on to fight against Argos again.

3. Argos Arena

The band is back together to fight Argos.

4. Moon Arena

Now it's the moon team's turn to fight the mini-boss Tarvos. This time, while the sun team continues to fight Argos, the moon team has a minute and a half to get Tarvos below 70% of its maximum health, otherwise the sun team will die. After you successfully bring Tarvos below 70% health, it disappears from the scene and the mini-mini boss Tarvos' Rift appears. After defeating the mini-mini boss, Tarvos reappears in the center of the arena and the battle continues. Towards the end of its HP, it summons the mini-mini boss again and this repeats until Tarvos is defeated.

5. Argos Arena

As a team, you now continue to fight Argos until it is down. Attacks continue to resemble phase 1.

Here you can watch the whole thing again:

Lost Ark Argos Raid | Finale Phase 3

Lost Ark View screenshots from the Argos Raid 6 1
Lord of day and night. | © Smilegate

FINALE!!! In the final phase, the challenge is to dodge Argos' attacks as best you can and destroy it. There is also no more sun and moon team. Now you have to be even more careful because all attacks give you the same amount of damage!

In this phase, Argos has three weather mechanics:

Hot Tip: When Argos teleports to the center of the arena, it can change the weather. However, always assume it's performing a wipe attack and really watch it whenever it jumps into the middle of the arena.

1. Day

The arena here shines in bright daylight. This weather also gives you a slowdown debuff. You can remove it by collecting the green seeds. WARNING! The red seeds trigger an explosion. Each weather stage has a wipe mechanic. During the daytime Argos retreats to the center of the arena, bends its body and turns the arena into a yellow energy field. Now the team must find a yellow seed and stand in its field. If one person is missing, the entire group dies.

2. Rainy Dawn

Now poisonous rain falls from the sky, causing permanent damage. This time you have to collect blue seeds and the green ones explode (don't get confused). Wipe mechanic of the rain: Argos teleports to the center, stomps on the ground twice and projects a sun and a moon symbol under its body. Now immediately go to a blue seed, otherwise you will be eliminated.

3. Night

The arena darkens and restricts your vision. Now you need to collect the red seeds to increase your field of vision. ATTENTION! Avoid the blue seeds. Wipe mechanic of the night: Argos teleports back to the center and turns the arena into a dark energy field. Now purple seeds appear all over the map, which the team must collect within a few seconds. Otherwise, the entire group will die.

Most Dangerous Wipe Mechanic!

When Argos glows either yellow or purple, crouches down and lets out its howl upwards, the whole group should get ready. Two random players from the raid will get a sun or moon symbol above their head in the next few seconds. This is an indicator that a safe spot is about to appear on each of these players, where you are safe from the wipe.

Hot Tip:
Only up to 4 players are protected in a zone. Good communication prevents chaos.

Here you can watch the whole thing again:

Now we wish you and your team a lot of fun and perseverance in this raid! We also have more Lost Ark guides for you: