Lost Ark: Two New Classes and More Endgame Content Coming

Lost Ark players get hyped for some new content! Soon you're going to get two new classes, as well as even more endgame content. What all that entails you'll find out!
Lost Ark Berserker
Is the Berserker getting new teammates? | © Smilegate RPG

New content in Lost Ark is on it's way. In April and May you will be getting some new updates with content according to developers Smilegate. The things to get most excited for will be the two new classes that will be added. But wait, there's more! Along with the new classes we will be getting some more late game content as well.

There's another part of the game which is being looked at by the developpers since fans have started to feel like the game is getting more and more pay-to-win. That's why Smilegate has promised to keep a balance between free-to-play and payable content. Sounds pretty good, eh?

The New Classes In Lost Ark

As already mentioned, two new classes should be making their way into the game with updates in April and May. The two new classes will be called Glaivier and Destroyer. Sounds like these bad boys are going to be some pretty epic melee classes, right? So anyone who enjoys hitting things with their fists should get hyped.

Just from the two names we can already make a few assumptions about the classes. What does 'Destroyer' sound like? Well, I have to think about 'Hulk SMASH!' if I'm being honest. On the other hand, 'Glaivier' might leave some people baffled, but if you just look up the word meaning it'll all make sense.

The name Glaivier comes from the english word Gleve, which is a European polearm. We all know what that looks like, right? A long stick with a knife attached to the tip. Basically, these weapons can look extremely cool and remind us of a Chinese Guan Dao if you will.

These assumptions we're making would fit into what the developers have said that both classes will be melee fighters, but with completely different fighting styles. Pretty good idea and I approve!

What Other Updates Can We Expect?

Well sure, two new classes are nice to have, but some more endgame content is also awaiting us in these updates. The developers have explained that a whole new continent names South Vern will be added into the game. For those of you who have been playing since launch, this is some pretty exciting news! Finally, new areas to explore!

It's much more fun to explore and test out the new classes in a whole new part of the map as well, right? It's also going to be exciting to find out what endgame content awaits us on South Vern. But if you're a newbie Glaivier, then maybe don't march down south right away. Apparently, two new raids will be added in the area.

The conclusion? We can be pretty o[optimistic when it comes to new content for Lost Ark. Especially since we're being fed new endgame raids, new classes to test out, and all of that will keep our motivation high to keep on grinding. The fact that Smilegate also wants to balance out the pay-to-win dynamic is just the cherry on top. Kudos, and we're hyped to jump into South Vern.