Amazon’s New World MMO Is Dead

Hey, remember when everyone wanted to play New World? Well, a lot has changed since then. Now, nobody wants to play New World anymore.

Do you ever hear something and think “Wow, that happened so long ago” only for someone to tell you, “That was literally 3 months ago”? That’s what I’m feeling when I think about the New World launch. You’d think the game launched 3 years ago, but time doesn’t exactly feel real anymore since COVID started and the reality is that New World launched in September 2021. That’s when EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) wanted to play the game.

Fast-forward, December 2021, nobody is playing the game anymore. Or… well… it’s a bit more complicated than that. Let me explain.

Why New World Is Dead

When New World launched in September, everyone was crazy for the game. It peaked at over 900K players and has now dropped below 100K. Keep in mind that everyone was crazy for this game three months ago… and we’re already at that point.

Now, you might say “but 100K players are still a lot”, which is true, but not when it comes to New World. Those who have played the game will know, but if you don’t: The Amazon Game Studios servers have a max capacity of 2,000, so the amount of people within a server are usually between 100-300. So when the server is supposed to have 2K people playing on it, but only 100-300 are… it quickly feels very… dead.

New World from Amazon Game Studios has now lost almost 90% of its daily peak players since launch, which dipped below 100k for the first time ever from pcgaming

New World had a rocky launch, so the fact that people jumped ship isn’t super surprising. The fact that so many people jumped ship is just sad. Amazon Game Studios will have to make New World more attractive again so that fans will return. Can they even do it? That’s the big question.