Lost Ark Guide: How To Find Ghost Ships

Here's everything you need to know about how to find a Ghost Ship in Lost Ark. Don't get scared now...
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Here's everything you need to know about Ghost Ships in Lost Ark. | © Smilegate

Lost Ark Ghost Ships are some of the most challenging activities in the game. They might seem daunting to you, but believe me: you will want to find one of these bad boys. Ghost Ships might be tough to find, and tough to handle, but they're completely worth it. Completing a Lost Ark Ghost Ship Raid will reward you with tons of gold, silver, and other currencies.

So without further ado, let's dive into Ghost Ships and answer the most important questions: how to unlock Ghost Ships, where to find them, and how to complete Ghost Ship raids.

How To Unlock Ghost Ships In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Ghost Ships are a late game feature that you unlock once you have the ability to sail, and after you've finished specific quest lines. Ghost Ships are a special kind of raid in Lost Ark and yes, they're quite spooky. These are basically tougher dungeons, that might take you a while to finish. But like we said, are worth it.

Here's everything you need to do, to unlock Ghost Ships in Lost Ark:

  1. Unlock sailing and get your first ship.
  2. Finish two quests from the Queen at North Vern: A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon.
  3. Upgrade your ship to level 2.
  4. Unlock Rohendel and travel to that part of the map.

Lost Ark Ghost Ships Locations

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Locations
Here is a map of all Lost Ark Ghost Ships. | © lostarkmap.com/Smilegate

There are three Lost Ark Ghost Ships located in the region of Rohendel. There is actually a recommended sequence for the Ghost Ships, as they have specific level requirements/suggestions. Here are all three types of Lost Ark Ghost Ships:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: item level 460, located west of South Vern.
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: item level 960, located east of Feiton.
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: item level 1370, located east of Punika and west of Rethramis.

The tricky thing is, that knowing the location is not enough. Ghost Ships appear once a week, which resets on Wednesdays. Don't fret, you can easily track the appearance of Ghost Ships in-game via the calendar, more concretely Procyon’s Compass. It will show you when they spawn and reset.

How To Complete Ghost Ship Raids in Lost Ark

Ghost Ships are weekly raids, that means you will only get the full rewards for completing them once a week. Once you find a Ghost Ship, it's just a matter of fighting off the crew. These fights are tough though, so make sure you got the right gear score, and you have a crew with you. If you're flying solo, you will automatically be grouped with other players.

One hot tip: If you die, you can't respawn on a Ghost Ship, so make sure to bring Phoenix Feathers with you. This should make the Ghost Ship raid significantly easier for you.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Rewards

Completing a Ghost Ship will grant you a slew of different rewards, including different types of currencies and valuable items like engravings. Here's a full list of all rewards for Lost Ark Ghost Ships:

  • Cards
  • Engravings
  • Pirate Coins
  • Star’s Breath
  • Harmony Shards
  • Guardian Stones
  • Destruction Stones
  • Your own Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound

And that's all, folks! Good luck with the Ghost Ships. If you want to earn Island Tokens or see the roadmap of upcoming content for Lost Ark, we at EarlyGame have got you covered.