Lost Ark Guide: How To Get Song of Resonance & Forest’s Minuet

In Lost Ark you can get two songs that you need to uncover secrets and complete challenges. Here's how to find Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet.

Lost Ark Song of Resonance Forest Minuet
Time to play some tunes – here's how to find Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet. | © Smilegate

Lost Ark shares many elements with classic MMOs, chief among them a deep level of exploration in a huge world. In order to find useful items like Mokoko Seeds, complete challenges and uncover the whole map, you will need not just a lot of time and effort for traversal, you will also need specific items and abilities. The songs in Lost Ark are among those.

There are many songs in Lost Ark, and here we will talk about two of the most important ones: Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet. These two songs are not just important to get important items, you will also need the one to get the other. That's why we will show you how to find them and what you need them for.

Hot To Get Song of Resonance

You can only get Song of Resonance by buying it from an NPC, namely Treasure Hunter Igran. You can find Igran on the Peyto cruise ship close to Pleccia island in the Sea of Gienah, west of Anikka or Port City Changhun. Once you’re on the ship, go to the southeast section of it and talk to the Treasure Hunter Igran. You can see his location here:

Lost Ark Deck Shop Igran
Here is where you can find Igran. | © Smilegate/Amazon

Igran will offer items to buy in exchange for Pirate coins, including the Song of Resonance. To buy this sweetest of songs, you will need 16,500 Pirate coins, which is not too cheap. If you are in need of some coinage, check out our guide on how to quickly earn Pirate Coins.

What Can I Do With Song of Resonance?

You can use the Song of Resonance to activate secret passages in order to find collectables and items like Mokoko Seeds. Getting the song will also help you earn Island Tokens, like on Monte Island. You will also need the Song of Resonance to find another good tune: the Forest's Minuet.

Hot To Get Forest's Minuet

To get Forest's Minuet, you will need to finish a quest chain starting on Lullaby Island in the Singing Sea. The quest is called "The Forest Where Fairies Sing" and you will need to be Level 50 to start it. To complete the quest, you will need to find a hidden fairy. You'll need to go to three different locations on Lullaby Island:

Lost Ark Fairy Locations
You can find the fairy here. | © Smilegate

At each location, you will have a conversation with the fairy. You will need to reply to her correctly in the right order in order to proceed with the quest. Here are the right answers for every conversation with the fairy:

Lullaby Island Fairy Conversation #1 Correct Answers:

  1. (Whistle.)
  2. (Wait.)
  3. (Whistle again.)

Lullaby Island Fairy Conversation #2 Correct Answers:

  1. (Put down the shiny pebble.)
  2. Remember me?
  3. It’s a gift.
  4. (Wait quietly.)

Lullaby Island Fairy Conversation #3 Correct Answers:

  1. (Just watch.)
  2. (Listen with your back to her.)
  3. I’m listening.
  4. I’ll look for one.
  5. Sure.
  6. No worries. I’m an adventurer.

Find The Hidden Area And Get Forest's Minuet

Once you have finished all three conversations with the fairy and given the correct answers, the second quest of the series will start. For this you have to visit a hidden place on the map and play the Song of Resonance there. The location is also marked on the map above, in the very east of the island. On your map, it is marked by a silver hand.

Once you have played the song, you will receive an item called "Voice of the Forest". You must play the Song of Resonance a total of three times to get the item three times. Now, you must return to the third fairy location and return the items to get Forest's Minuet as a quest reward.

And that's all folks! In case you're just starting out in the game, we highly recommend you check out our guide on the best starter classes. If you want to earn lots of silver or see the roadmap of upcoming content for Lost Ark, we got you!