Lost Ark Guide: How To Get Engravings

Engravings are an important tool in Lost Ark, which you definitely don't want to miss. See here what engravings are and how you get them.
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Lost Ark is like a typical MMO, in that it throws system upon system on you. And some of them can just be a bit overwhelming or missed out on entirely in the sea of mechanics. One of those systems might be engravings. They are difficult to understand quickly, but engravings can completely change your gameplay experience in Lost Ark.

So, to help you get a grasp of this system, we will show you everything you need to know about engravings in Lost Ark: what are they, and how can you get them?

What Are Engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings are buffs and special effects that you can equip to change the properties of your character. Lost Ark engravings are divided in two different categories: battle engravings and class engravings.

Battle Engravings

Battle engravings cause general stat changes, like boosted damage or reduced cooldowns. Some are balanced out by negative side effects, like increased damage or reduced speed. So far, so familiar: battle engravings strongly resemble other systems in RPGs, like gems or runes in games like Diablo.

There are 43 different battle engravings in Lost Ark, and we will show you later in this article how you can get them.

Class Engravings

Class engravings are not as common as battle engravings. Every advanced class gets two of them, each of which changes the way you play that class. Paladins, for instance, can get Blessed Aura, which makes them better healers, and Judgment, which makes them better at dealing damage. You notice how we said "and", not "or"? You don't have to choose between one class engraving or the other, but can actually use and level up both.

Hot To Get Engravings in Lost Ark

You unlock engravings by completing the West Luterra portion of Lost Ark. Two engraving slots will become available. Press Alt+I to open the engravings menu and see all of your available ones.

There are three main ways to get new engravings, which we will show you in detail now:

Engraving Recipes

The most important way to get new engravings and improve your existing ones is by collecting engraving recipes. The tutorial quest for engravings will give you some recipes, and you get a lot of engraving recipes as rewards for sidequests in East Luterra, Tortoyk, Annika, and Arthetine. You receive recipes in pouches, and because this game isn't complicated enough, there are of course different kinds of those.

Engraving Recipe Pouches will give you random recipes, while Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches are much more valuable, as they let you choose what they contain and are best saved for when you've decided on your build. There are separate pouches for class and battle recipes, too. Yeah, I know... couldn't this have been simpler?

The recipes are split into different rarities, like items and loot:

  • Green = common
  • Blue = uncommon
  • Purple = epic
  • Orange = legendary

Per rarity level, you will have to activate twenty recipes to get three points for the engraving and to level it up. Then you will have to use 20 recipes of the next level of rarity and so on. It's a lot, but once you got the hang of it, it's actually a pretty neat and fun system!

Engraving recipes drop as loot or rewards in activities like Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons or Guardian Raids, among others. The latter two will actually give you recipes specifically for class engravings, unlike the other activities. So keep that in mind!

Engravings from Accessories

Another way to get engravings is via accessories. In the late game, accessories like rings, necklaces and so on, will drop with random engravings on them. These can be either battle engravings or class engravings, and you can equip two rings and two earrings.

Engravings from Ability Stones

The last way to get engravings is through ability stones. They’re obtained from quests and events, and can only contain battle engravings, not class-specfic ones. Each ability stone will give you two engravings and one negative effect, to balance things out.

The tricky thing is, that you can't just pick up an ability stone and use it right away. You will need to visit an Ability Stone Cutter and have them facet the stone. You can find stone cutters in every city, like Luterra Castle. The process will cost you silver though, so make sure you have enough cash in your pocket before you have your stones touched.

And that's all, folks! Good luck with engravings, may they make your hacking and slaying even more fun. If you want to earn lots of Pirate Coins or see the roadmap of upcoming content for Lost Ark, we at EarlyGame got you covered.