MrBeast vs. Ninja LoL Competition: Who Will Earn the Ultimate Crown?

MrBeast and Ninja, two of the biggest online personailities will clash in a League of Legends competition worth $150K. Where to watch and when it's taking place right here.
Ultimate Crown Ninja Mr Beast
Who is going to win? | © Crown Channel

Everyone knows who MrBeast and Ninja are, but who would have thought that these two would be clashing while playing League of Legends of all things, right? Ninja is known for his Fortnite streams, while MrBeast is famous for his YouTube channel and videos. Now, both are going head-to-head for $150,000 in a League of Legends competition.

The competition is called the Ultimate Crown and will feature Ninja and MrBeast as team captains of their respective League of Legends team. It'll be a best-of-three. The team which has two map wins will take home the cash and the bragging rights.

Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Crown Event

When Will the Ultimate Crown Event Take Place?

Ultimate Crown is going to be taking place on July 9, 2022. MrBeast and Ninja will be fielding teams of five to play in the best of five, as announced by MrBeast on his own Twitter ahead of the event. The match is set to start at around 4 PM Pacific Time, which is roughly 1 AM Central European Time.

Where Will the Ultimate Crown Event Take Place?

The event is going to take place in Las Vegas. It'll be in the HyperX Esports Arena, which has already hosted the 2019 League of Legends All Star Event as well. So, for League of Legends fans this really isn't a new arena for the event.

Where to Watch the Ultimate Crown Event

Of course, you might not have the funds to make your way to Las Vegas to watch this event live and in-person, so we've got you covered. The match is also going to be streamed – duh – so just follow the link to the Twitch channel and on July 9, 2022 you'll be ready to watch.

Who is Competing At the Ultimate Crown Event?

Thus far, only the captains of the two squads have been named. As already mentioned, it'll be MrBeast and Ninja. Neither have named their team yet, but people are already getting heated. Who is going to win? Well, it seems like the teams will be making the difference.

Of course, the two captains have also already filmed their hype trash talk video, which you can check out on the official Crown Channel Twitter.

We will make sure to keep you up to date with everything surrounding this tournament. Who do you have your money on? But one question we do have is whether Bel'Veth is going to be played or if we have to watch Kayn dominate the jungle?