MrBeast Calmly Destroys Paparazzi

MrBeast was confronted by paparazzi outside an LA restaurant, but instead of avoiding them altogether, he started giving them feedback on their content.
Mrbeast paparazzi
MrBeast quietly roasted these paparazzi. | © The Daily Stardust via YouTube

You usually expect celebrities to respond relatively negatively to being harassed outside a restaurant during a night out on the town. When it happened to our beloved MrBeast, though, he turned the table on its head, quietly and politely destroyed the paparazzi's YouTube channel, and offered them some rather useful advice.

It seems like every opportunity for MrBeast to suffer a gaffe seem to be thwarted by the YouTube star's friendly personality and natural curiosity. He couldn't even stir rage when he rambled about TikTok spying on him whilst featuring on the Joe Rogan Experience, nor could he draw the ire of the press when he offered to coach Elon Musk. There are haters, of course, but this guy seems to really have his s**t together!

This incredible calm, friendliness and out-going personality came into full display when he was harassed by Paparazzi on a night out in Los Angeles. Instead of being understandably annoyed, Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson engaged with them, talking about YouTube, letting them know what he was up to and... critiquing their YouTube channel!

MrBeast Destroys Paparazzi's YouTube Channel

Waiting outside a restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles were a pair of Paparazzi from The Daily Stardust. After talking with MrBeast for quite some time, discussing everything from why they were there and how their business works, one man asked MrBeast what he thought of their channel. His response? Priceless, quite literally:

Um, let's see... alright, I mean your thumbnails could be a lot better. You should definitely... is our car here?

MrBeast trailed off halfway through, before his friend jumped in and said "Yeah your thumbnails don't need to be a still from your f**king video, man". After the exchange, MrBeast walked inside, said a brief goodbye and then was later approached by the same Paparazzi when leaving the restaurant. Here's the clip:

The Paparazzi also asked whether they could be on one of his crazy high-stakes challenge videos, and he seemed legitimately open to it. To be honest, MrBeast was just a generally lovely guy despite how annoying it must be to be followed around and harassed by the press.

After taking a quick look at the Daily Stardust, though, MrBeast does have a point. Their titles are boring, their thumbnails are stills and, you know, their views reflect that. Honestly, their YouTube views, at least, are frighteningly bad. This MrBeast video had less than a thousand views when we saw it... Maybe they should listen to him?