MrBeast Wants To Give Away $1 Billion!

MrBeast has said that he would love to make $1 Billion in his lifetime and then give it away just before he dies.
Mrbeast 1 billion
A billion? Now that's a lotta cash! | © MrBeast

MrBeast has revealed in an interview what he wants to give away before his death, and more importantly, what he wants to do before he dies. Seeing as the YouTuber and philanthropist has more than 94 million subscribers, and has made an absolute bucket-load of money, this is certainly something that will interest a lot of people.

This bloke really has had a busy couple of months, though, first getting more than a Billion views in March and then having his record slapped in the face by Will Smith. He's been so busy that his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast got basically swept under the radar. Crazy, right?

On the Joe Rogan Experience, MrBeast did more than just accuse TikTok of spying on him. No, he also gave us a more inward-look into his character, story, and attitude towards life. Thus, it was exciting to hear that he was going to be featuring on TubeBuddy's International Creator Day Celebration, and even more exciting when s**t got wild.

Is MrBeast Giving Away $1 Billion?

Things went nuts when MrBeast began explaining his life goals in the video, explaining that he has a goal to earn at least a billion dollars and then giving them away. He apparently wants to make as much money as he possibly can before he dies, but sees no point in dying with a whole load of money.

I know that dying with a bunch of money is a complete waste of time, or, well, not a waste of time, it’s just dumb... I enjoy helping people and so if I am going to spend my whole life just making money because it is kind of fun then before I die, I literally wanna give away one hundred percent of everything that I own.

MrBeast then qualified this claim, justifying his decision to give away all of his money because "Why not? Who cares? After I'm dead, I'm dead". It seems more likely than you would expect for MrBeast to actually make it to the billion dollar mark within a decade or so, as he is already worth a s**tload of money. The idea that a man with so much would also give so much is something a lot of billionaires could learn from, actually.

Instead of putting a dollar amount on it, now it’s just I just want to make as much money as I can in my life and then do as much good with that money before I die.

If MrBeast continues along the path he's on, he's going to continue to produce entertaining content and – more importantly – do a lot of good at the same time. He's an impressive entertainer, has achieved incredible success at a very young age and has basically been dedicating his entire fortune to funding incredible philanthropy that is improving a lot of people's lives. What's not to love?