MrBeast Features Emotional Twist

A new video from MrBeast features an emotional twist at the end when the winner proposed to his girlfriend on-camera...
Mrbeast winner proposal
Wait, what happened in this MrBeast video? | © MrBeast via YouTube

In a crazy new MrBeast video, a participant who won more than $300,000 USD ended the video with an emotional moment that brought viewers to tears. The moment was yet another high-point of MrBeast's recent successes, after the YouTuber managed to get more than a billion views in just one month and made a fantastic appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The video in question, though, saw a participant placed into a windowless room with a selection of activities, devices and items. He has to survive in the room for as long as he possibly could, with MrBeast rewarding him with $10,000 USD for every day that he spent inside the room. The twist? Every 24 hours, one of those precious items would be taken away...

After 22 days trapped in the room, the participant – named Josh – got rather frustrated when a string broke on the guitar, which was one of the last remaining items in the room. In a fit of rage, Josh smashed the guitar on the floor, sending splinters flying and revealing a check for another $100,000 USD hidden inside.

Realizing that he now had more than $300,000 USD to walk away with, Josh decided to give up on the challenge, but not before doing something that surprised viewers and even brought MrBeast himself into a state of emotional shock...

After Winning $300,000 USD, Josh Proposed to His Girlfriend on a MrBeast Video

As the final triumphant moment in a video that, as incredibly one-dimensional as it is, never fails to entertain, Josh proposed to his girlfriend. Josh had already decided, earlier in the video, that he would be asking her to marry him and had sent Chris and Chandler away with $20,000 USD to buy the ring.

On a real note, though, I have been wanting to propose to Kenna for years now... Being trapped in here has made me realize how valuable time is, and I’m just done waiting.

Once he had discovered that hundred-grand inside the guitar, Josh realized that he was about to walk away with a whopping $340,000 USD. This was well and truly good enough for him, as he missed his girlfriend terribly and had never been away from her for so long.

It was a pretty adorable moment, too, when he makes the decision. Why is this? Well, it's because he had spent such a long time waiting to make this decision, missed her so much, and repeatedly commented on how much he missed and loved her. Truly heart-warming stuff!

The video's final scene saw Josh's girlfriend enter the room, unaware of what was about to happen. After a short speech, he got on his knees and everything you could possibly expect happened. The girl cried, said yes, and – because MrBeast's a freakin' legend – their families were secretly there, entering the room to congratulate them. Tears flowed, not just of the participants but of the audience as well. Classic MrBeast.