MrBeast Got 1 Billion WHAT in March?

MrBeast has achieved incredibly success in March. So much success, in fact, that it's quite shocking...
Mrbeast 1 billion
Wait, so MrBeast got one BILLION what? | © MrBeast via YouTube

Since he started releasing YouTube videos as a teenager, Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson has become one of the most successful content creators of all times. With his abundant wealth, the YouTube has also become a power for good, running and funding many incredible philanthropic organizations over the last couple of years.

Thus, with more than ten YouTube channels under his name, it is no surprise that the kind of numbers that he pulls in every month are completely insane. His numbers, of course, weren't impressive enough to stop Will Smith from slapping his record out the window last month, or being worried about TikTok spying on him.

Now here we stand, ready to talk about MrBeast's abundant wealth once again. The crazy thing about this little nugget is that it doesn't even take into account his success with MrBeast Burger or Team Trees, and thus is an example of exactly how successful this YouTuber has become over the last couple of years. Let's dive-on-in!

MrBeast Gets Over 1 Billion Views In One Month

In March of 2022, MrBeast managed to get more than 1 Billion YouTube views over his various channels. According to Socialblade, the exactly number is roughly 1,035,525,614. This comes as MrBeast posted on LinkedIn, providing some interesting details on how many views his new videos picked up over the last month.

These numbers stretch across a number of different channels that the YouTuber has, including one which is specifically designed as a Spanish-translation version of the main channel. He has the same system for Brazil and France, and has announced that he will be starting a Hindi language variant next.

When it comes to the raw numbers, on the new videos, it certainly looks like this strategy of translating videos into various languages is paying off. Across all of his channels, MrBeast released 54 videos in March of 2022, garnering 283,494,620 views from those videos alone. The rest of the one billion were views on previously-released videos. Pretty wild, right?

Here are the numbers, as-per MrBeast's LinkedIn profile:

I thought it would be interesting to add up how many vids I uploaded in March. Turns out it’s a lot...

1 on MrBeast (36,274,870 views)
2 on MrBeast Gaming (41,602,367 views)
3 on Beast Reacts (30,311,455 views)
1 on Beast Philanthropy (3,030,087 views)
1 on Beast Shorts (6,300,000 views)
1 on MrBeast 2 (5,176,250 views)
4 on MrBeast en Espanol (44,000,000 views)
4 on Beast Reacts en Español (18,300,000 views)
7 on MrBeast Gaming en Español (40,600,000 views)
9 on MrBeast Brasil (31,500,000 views)
9 on MrBeast Gaming Brasil (14,300,000 views)
4 on Beast Reacts em Português (3,444,000 views)
8 on MrBeast en Français (8,655,591 views)

Total Videos: 54
Total Views: 283,494,620

So it certainly looks like MrBeast is on track to beating even more records in the very near future. I mean, honestly, a billion views in just one month? That is pretty darn wild! Look at that breakdown, as well: his new videos are doing incredibly well, and when combined with his old, his growth doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Mentor us, MrBeast, please...