Dr Lupo's "Sit On My Face" Twitch Ban Has Been Overturned

The Twitch streamer left the message in Ninja's chat and was banned for "unsolicited sexual advances".

Dr Lupo Banner
Dr Lupo's joke wasn't well-received by the Twitch mods. | © Dr Lupo / Twitter

Twitch rules and punishments for breaking them can often feel arbitrary for the average user and there was more evidence of that yet again this weekend after Benjamin 'DrLupo' Lupo was banned for sending "unsolicited sexual advances" to his friend, and fellow streamer, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevin.

The ban, which Dr Lupo revealed to be for seven days, gave the following reason for his suspension:

"Targetting another person with unsolicited sexual advances, graphic and vulgar sexual comments, or sending them unwanted links to sexually explicit content."

Dr Lupo Banned From Twitch

The reason for Dr Lupo's ban? As the streamer revealed himself, he went into Ninja's Twitch chat and typed "sit on my face." He vowed to "learn from [his] mistakes."

However, the ban didn't last seven days though, as, not an hour later, Dr Lupo revealed he had been unbanned. "No more face sitting for me," claimed Dr Lupo.

While Dr Lupo is now a partnered YouTube streamer, there is no doubt that his status in the streaming community helped him get the ban overturned a fact that riled some.

"The situation was stupid to begin with, but curious that it was fixed soo quickly," wrote someone in the replies. "If only they had this type of speed when it came to smaller streamers." Another said: "wow, the elite really do live by a different set of rules."

Whatever the feelings about his ban being overturned, few felt it was necessary in the first place, with the context of Ninja and Dr Lupo's longstanding friendship clearly putting Dr Lupo's message firmly in the "joke" pile.

Twitch's bans often prove controversial and, like Dr Lupo has, many have moved their streaming to other platforms. The most recent high-profile switch was 'Sykkuno' who said he felt Twitch didn't "appreciate" him.

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