Popular Twitch Streamer Rushed to Hospital in South Korea

Friend of Mizkif, Esfand, has been rushed to a hospital in South Korea after suffering an injury whilst playing an arcade machine.
Esfand hospital
Esfand has been taken to hospital in South Korea. | © Esfand via Twitch

Prominent Twitch streamer, Esfand, has been rushed to hospital following an accident in South Korea. It seems like a real shame, as it all happened on the very first day that he and Miskif had spent in South Korea, where they were set to livestream their adventures to a rabid audience. Let's start, though, by establishing something really important: Esfand will be fine!

Esfand travelled to South Korea with none-other than Mizkif himself, Emily "Emiru" Schunk, AustinShow, and PhinTTV. It seems like a pretty expensive way to get some content, but let's be real, Mizkif has the expendable cash for this kind of thing! What happened to Esfand, though, how the hell did he end up in hospital?

Before we begin, though, we just have to point out that this has been a pretty wild week so far in terms of influencer news. From MrBeast calmly destroying Paparazzi, to one of Twitch's biggest stars leaving the platform, you totally keep checking our awesome Entertainment section to keep up-to-date with the biggest stories of the day!

Why Did Esfand Go to Hospital?

Esfand ended up going to hospital after chipping a bone in a fight against an arcade machine. Let's wind that back, though, because it all sounds a little wild! Esfand was reportedly facing off against Mizkif as to who could punch the hardest in an arcade game. We'll hand it over to Austin to explain the rest:

So he punches up with an open fist... and immediately starts grabbing his thumb. He thinks that he broke it or did something worse to it than what he did at High School. So next thing we know we're in a Taxi to a Korean Hospital, all eight of us.

It's pretty comedically fantastic to think that the gang went all the way to South Korea only for Esfand to, sadly, hurt himself on a forking arcade machine. I mean, how does this happen? It's almost as funny as Logan Paul getting drunk and punching a wall in Germany! Anyhow, we do hope that he's okay!

Austin continued to explain the incident, justifying why they were all out-and-about without him:

Esfand gets a scan and he chipped a bone in his thumb and right now he is at the hospital getting a scan to determine whether he needs to get surgery or not. So that's why Esfand's not with us right now.

That's all, folks, and that's the end of this tiny little piece of news that y'all were all so excited to consume. Look, he's just got a fractured thumb, so surely it will all be fine and Esfand will be back with the gang within hours or, at most, days. Let's cross our fingers that Esfand's lovely South Korean holiday doesn't get destroyed by this misadventure. Good luck, man!