Valkyrae Reveals Her Greatest Embarrassment

Valkyrae has revealed something that constantly embarrasses her, despite achieving incredible success, and it will surprise you.
Valkyrae embarrassed
Oh, jeez Valkyrae, what happened? | © Valkyrae via YouTube / EarlyGame

Ms Hofstetter, overwise known as Valkyrae, has revealed her number one most embarrassing thing, and you honestly won't believe what it is. Well, you might actually. It isn't the groundbreaking, to be honest. But to be fair, do keep reading this article, it's going to be an absolute killer!

So Valkyrae is one of the biggest and most famous streamers in the world, and now streams on YouTube rather than Twitch, a direction that a lot of streamers seem to be going at the moment. You know, Sykkuno and all that? Yeah, it's a big deal, but also against the point of this article. Shall we get back on track now?

Yes, let's. Valkyrae gets embarrassed sometimes. I mean, we all do, so we can all relate. In her case, though, it's also something that we can all relate to – hearing your own recorded voice can be darn-well disconcerting, can't it? – but let's explain a little further. What embarrassed her so much, and why is she the color of a beetroot? Jeez-mageez!

What Makes Valkyrae So Embarrassed?

Valkyrae has actually revealed that even after years of streaming, she still gets incredibly embarrassed when re-watching her streams. She was very critical of herself when revealing this, even going so far as to call herself "brainless" and "obnoxious" on-stream. Oh, Valkyrae, don't be so harsh!

I forget how many people are watching sometimes and get embarrassed when I rewatch my streams.. I get so brainless, loud and obnoxious ahhh why am I like this?

The revelation, revealed by Tweet, is the embodiment of that feeling we all get when hearing ourselves speak in a recording. Thoughts like "What the fork, do I really sound like that?" and "Why did I take a video of myself rambling about wasabi peas, no one needs to hear that". It might be harsh, but hey, we do have a point.

Valkyrae's entire career is predicated on being incredibly entertaining, funny, and engaging in her streams. That requires a certain level of obnoxiousness, as it does for anyone who wants to take up this particular career path. What's important to remember, though, is that doesn't mean that someone is inherently obnoxious, it just means that they have a particular on-screen personality.

So, that was a worthwhile little nugget, wasn't it? It has everything! Intrigue, a little bit of scandal, Valkyrae. What more could you want? Not much, surely! Anyway, Valkyrae will be fine, and she'll probably be able to leave that beetroot color behind her at some point, so don't you go a-worrying.