Valkyrae's Fortnite Stats Destroy Ninja's Pride

Valkyrae has discovered, on-stream with Ludwig, a stat that destroys Ninja's record as "best Fortnite streamer".
Valkyrae stats
Valkyrae was shocked by this revelation! | © Valkyrae via Twitch

With giant streamers like Valkyrae, Ninja and Ludwig all boasting impressive player-count stats for Fortnite, it's unsurprising when you find out the true extent of their obsession. Ultimately, streamers live insulated lives, spending their time jumping between streams and interacting with faceless people on the internet.

Okay, that was kind of brutal. They also engage in a variety of drama, from Ninja and Pokimane's beef, to that whole JasonR rubbish the other day, it goes on and on and on and one thing is for certain: that inflated sense of self-importance is never going away! All of this aside, though, you won't believe how many hours Valkyrae has spent playing Fortnite.

In a stream co-hosted by the likes of Ludwig (who, by the way, was unimpressed by Amouranth's farts), the streamer giants began comparing stats. It was all in jest, but when Valkyrae pulled up hers, the results shocked the world. Especially Ninja. She has played more than Ninja.

Valkyrae Has Played More Fortnite Than Ninja

After checking her stats, Valkyrae paused before laughing, she had just discovered that she had a whopping 95 days, 13 hours, and 9 minutes in Fortnite. That's pretty immense, and pretty shocking to anyone who is a fan of Fortnite. That's 2293 hours in-game. I get impressed if I reach 100 hours in a game, let alone more than 2K. Jeeeez!

When pulling up the stats, she said the following...

Mine’s definitely going to be worse than yours, I did this full time for like 3 years, 2 years... Yeah, I have like 95 days, I have 95 days, 13 hours, and 9 minutes. Oh god, I knew I would be worse.

Meanwhile, Ninja only has around 87 days worth of time in Fortnite. The stat, taken from Fortnite Tracker, is honestly quite shocking. That especially goes considering how much better Ninja is at the game than Valkyrae. He is widely considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world, so it is surprising that she has actually played more of the game than him.

That being said, though, after briefly consulting our very own Alisa Eiber, a pretty successful Twitch Streamer and writer for this-here website, we came to the realization that she has 137 days in the game. That's almost, like, half a year of play-time. That's crazy. What the fork!?

So maybe these kinds of stats aren't so unusual? Perhaps it isn't so uncommon to find people with literally hundreds of days-worth of playtime? Or perhaps it's as nuts as I would have otherwise thought. Honestly, I'm torn. It is funny that Ninja has less time in-game than Valkyrae, though...