Ninja & SypherPK Cash Cup Duo?

Ninja left competitive Fortnite ages ago, but he might make a comeback to the Battle Royale with top pro SypherPK!

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Fortnite Duo?! | © Twitch/Ninja | © Twitch/SypherPK

The FNCS for Chapter 3, Season 1 is underway as the best players build, shoot, and swing from webs to see who is the best Fortnite player on the Island. This has sparked some interest from the long-lost legend of Fortnite, Ninja, the blue-haired Fortnite player that found early success in Fortnite but has hung up his pump shotty and AR to pursue the life of a regular variety streamer on Twitch. If you ask Ninja about Fortnite, he will always say the game holds a fond place in his heart, but he has somewhat moved on from the game.

A recent tweet from Ninja suggests he will return to the game in a competitive capacity. The plan? To pair up with SypherPK who is ranked 6th on the NA East Power Rankings and is among the top 1% of Fortnite players. Both Ninja and SpyherPK are big-time Fortnite fiends that both play and stream the game avidly, while Ninja has seemed to kick his Fortnite addiction, Sypher has kept his skills sharp.

Ninja & SypherPK Possible Fortnite Duo

Ninja was the first to suggest the pair team up as a duo with this following tweet made on February 22nd.

A simple question that sparked quite the reaction from fans of both Ninja and SypherPK. This also would not be the first time the pair played together in a competitive capacity. In fact, they have a previous track record, albeit a rather poor one full of low placements and low rankings. But the lobbies are always exciting with this dynamic duo at the helm as both have a large supporting fanbase.

Ninja has not been seen in the competitive scene of Fortnite since the Fortnite Champion Series where he teamed up with Reverse 2k, and some FaZe Clan members. The squad made it all the way to the end of the tournament but only managed to snag 8th place, which was not bad considering the 20 teams that competed in that particular grand finals.

If we look at upcoming tournaments where Ninja and SypherPK could team up as a competitive duo, we have to wait for the FNCS for Chapter 3, Season 1, to first conclude. Then the next big event is the Fortnite Community Cup on the 28th of February, where teams compete for the chance to win a free Fortnite skin. Not exactly the epic stakes one would hope for, but nonetheless, it would make for some pretty sweaty and hyped lobbies if the pair of streamers did end up as a duo.