Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Wild Weeks Leaked: Bows Are Back In Town!

The Wild Weeks are coming back to Fortnite and with them, the beloved/hated bows! We have all the details for you.

Fortnite Bow Wild weeks
Should we laugh or cry? | © Epic Games

Epic Games is bringing back Wild Weeks and with it an old weapon that we last saw in Chapter 2, Season 6. We're talking about the bow, a ranged weapon that could be combined with items like shockwaves, fireflies, or the like, making it a pretty OP weapon. Here come the details.

Fortnite Wild Week: Bownanza

According to Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, Wild Weeks will return in Week 12 of Season 1. The first week is said to be called Bownanza. And the challenges have also been leaked.

Fortnite Wild Week: Bownanza Challenges

The tweet below shows all six challenges.

This Wild Week will feature the following challenges:

  • Hit IO personnel with a primeval flame bow (7)
  • Push away wild animals with a mechanical shockwave bow (2)
  • Hunt wild animals with a bow (3)
  • Damage players with a primeval stink bow (250)
  • Eliminate enemies with a mechanical explosive bow (3)

Each challenge rewards the player with 8,000 XP. As in the past, the Wild Weeks challenges will be a great way to reach Battle Pass level 100 and above.

You have until March 1, 2022, at 14:59 CET to complete the challenges. After that, the bows will probably disappear from the island again.

But much more interesting for players is the fact that the arcs are returning to the game after such a long time. Why is this connected with bows? Well, Aloy from the Horizon series is an avid bow hunter!

So far, that's all we know about the arcs and the Wild Weeks of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. However, it's quite possible that the arcs are coming back to the game for a special reason. Will there perhaps be a Fortnite x Horizon Forbidden West crossover?

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