Pokimane Slams Ninja & JasonR For Avoiding Women

Pokimane has commented on the JasonR and Ninja drama, stoking the Pokimane x Ninja fire and slamming streamers who avoid women.

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What's up, Ninja, what ya doin' there? | © Pokimane via Twitter (left) / JasonR via Fragbite.se (right) / Ninja PNG

Pokimane has taken to Twitch to give a little rant about none-other than Ninja and JasonR. It is an unsurprising piece of news, considering the ongoing beef between Pokimane and Ninja, and the overall weirdness of what has been going on with JasonR of late. What did she have to say, though? Well, actually something quite sensible.

For context, the world was surprised back in February when it became clear that JasonR was avoiding playing with women. The internet, of course, was alight with accusations of "sexism" and other nasty things, and JasonR had to come out and make a statement.

Back in 2018, Ninja actually came out and admitted the same thing. In an interview with Polygon, Ninja revealed that he doesn't really want to play with female streamers to avoid the nonsense rumors that would inevitably rear their ugly heads.

If I have one conversation with one female streamer where we’re playing with one another, and even if there’s a hint of flirting, that is going to be taken and going to be put on every single video and be clickbait forever.

The thing is, whilst this is certainly not "sexist" or anything to really be upset about, Pokimane's take was actually pretty legit...

Pokimane Notes "That Cannot Be A Healthy Relationship"

Pokimane recently sat down during a Twitch stream to talk about the whole JasonR drama, noting quite accurately that it can't be healthy for his relationship. She's totally right, and JasonR and his partner should listen to what she's saying...

Did it sound like he essentially said that he has cheated on his girlfriend before, and that’s why he has to ban every single girl in his channel?... That cannot be a healthy relationship. That is a toxic coping mechanism. Like, if you can’t even interact with girls in solo queue, there must be little to no trust in your relationship.

Trust is the cornerstone of a good relationship, so avoiding women because you don't want your girlfriend to worry that you are cheating is a seriously bad sign.

Pokimane then went on to comment on Ninja's 2018 comments, which were eerily similar.

Do y’all remember when Ninja said he doesn’t play with girls, and we all thought that [poo] was cool?... Bro, what the [fork] kind of brainwashing were we under? I lowkey don’t remember, but still, is that not crazy?

Ultimately, people really shouldn't have to worry about this kind of BS. If you want to stream with a dude, and you're a woman, knock yourself out (not literally, of course). If you want to stream with a lady, and you're a guy, knock yourself out (again, not literally). Honestly, it all comes down to trust, so ignore what the tabloids say. Trust each other and everything will be fine.