People Think Pokimane Is Mexico's New President... WTF?

In the world's weirdest crossover event, Pokimane is rumored to be Mexico's new President. Here's what she had to say about it...

pokimane mexico
Wait, what? | © Pokimane via Twitter (left) / CNA via Twitter (right)

A viral Twitter post has prompted a response from Pokimane after rumors floated around that she was Mexico's new president. Despite the fact that Mexico still has the same president that was elected in 2018. The internet is a truly weird place, isn't it?

What's so weird about this whole ordeal is that – as you are about to see – this Twitter account is clearly fake, and people still fell for it. That's okay, though, maybe she could do a good job? Honestly, I don't know Pokimane's political affiliations, it's not really something that she talks about on-stream.

Unsurprisingly, Mexico's four-year president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not made any public statements about whether this Twitch streamer will be taking his job. He probably has better things to do. You know, with the whole drug crisis, COVID, inequality, blah blah blah, he's probably a darn busy bloke (though, as you have probably discerned, I really know very little about Mexican politics).

Is Pokimane Mexico's New President?

Let's make this perfectly clear: Pokimane is not Mexico's new president, nor will she ever be. For starters, she's not Mexican, she's Moroccan-Canadian. Two different places, folks, though it is admittedly hilarious that people fell for this rubbish. @TheAnything_Bot certainly scored gold with that post, with Pokimane even responding to the rumors.

Poki está diciendo “gracias” ya que ha sido nombrada como presidenta de México

Pokimane's response was also pretty bloody funny, with her typing the above message in Spanish, which roughly translates to "Poki is saying "thank you" as she has been appointed as president of Mexico". Remember, though, I used Google Translate for that bad-boy, it could be a bit dodgy.

It's pretty absurd to think of Pokimane as President of Mexico. I mean, on one hand, she does seem pretty socially conscious, but she also has no training in politics, so it's probably best if she keeps out. We don't want another meme politician, we've had enough of those over the last few years... if you know what I mean?

Considering her affinity with holding up "peace" signs with her fingers on-stream and on Twitter (simply refer to this article's thumbnail), maybe she could spread that message in a political career? Okay, I don't know what I am saying anymore so should probably finish this article now. Gracias, adiós.