JasonR Accused of Sexism For Avoiding Playing With Women

Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski is not only a big Valorant streamer, but also someone who has been in the competitive FPS scene for a long time. He used to be a CS:GO pro but seems to have built his career back up in Valorant. Well, it seems that this career-building process may be coming to an end.
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Are all these sexism allegations true? | © Fragbite.se

So, if you follow the female Valorant scene, you may have come across at least one post about Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski muting every female player in his team or dodging games in which he suspects any female involvement. And yes, that sounds super weird, but it looks like that's the way he was doing it for the couple of months now. This becomes even more bizarre when you consider the fact that the same man represented FaZe Clan not so long ago and is also friends with players from teams such as Cloud9 or Evil Geniuses, with whom he streams. It all started 2 days ago with a Tweet from Vannesa "panini" Emory from Shopify Rebellion:

And right after her, other professional female Valorant players also commented on this issue:

Huh, these Tweets say a lot. So, what is actually going on with all these sexism allegations about JasonR? Let's see everything we know about the situation, as well as JasonR's statement on it.

JasonR & Sexism On His Twitch Stream

Unfortunately, this is not the first time JasonR has been accused of discriminating against women. Back in 2018, this gentleman decided to ban all women from his Twitch stream, for whatever reason, which you can learn more about here. And back then, his stream had over half a million followers, so someone must have done some considerable research just to divide all users by gender and ban all women. Wow!

But well, it looks like it went unnoticed and didn't change much for the course of his career. Still, ever since JasonR started streaming Valorant, every time he finds out there's a female on his team, he either dodges the game or (when he can't dodge anymore) mutes them instantly.

He recently stopped hiding it and openly talks about avoiding women in video games. And if there's a VOD of him playing with a woman, he instantly deletes it. But why is he doing all this? Why does he decide to do such things with a Twitch channel so developed that he could even work with Riot and the major eSports organizations? Even pro players like ShaZam and SicK have noticed this strange behavior, and we doubt they would want to do anything with him at this point.

JasonR's Statement

So what is JasonR's explanation? Well, according to him, it's because of... respect for his wife. That's right, it seems that JasonR's wife doesn't want him to play with other women, and that's why he avoids them and bans them from his Twitch stream. And well, we don't know exactly what JasonR's relationship with his wife looks like, so we can't tell if this is true.

Still, even though it's a little weird, instead of going ALT+F4 every time he hears a female voice, he could just admit that "my wife doesn't like it when I play with other girls", and it would be fine. Maybe a little odd, but it would have to be respected. Unfortunately, with the way he did that, he may have closed the door on some big opportunities to develop his name in the industry.

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