Is Valkyrae Like A Chihuahua?

After a lot of chatter online about whether or not Valkyrae is like a Chihuahua, the embattled streamer spoke out against the accusation.
Valkyrae chihuahua
Why? | © Valkyrae via Twitter

Whilst streaming on YouTube a couple of days ago, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter was surprised to find that many of her fans were comparing her to a Chihuahua. Clearly confused by the situation, she spoke out against the comparison, claiming that she didn't share the same "energy" as the tiny fluffy pooch.

Valkyrae has managed to stay relatively out of the headlines for a few weeks now, with the only notable excursion into the limelight being when she realized she had played more hours of Fortnite than even Ninja. It was a little bit embarrassing to realize she had spent the better part of a year in the game, but it seems like this latest incident was even worse.

What's most outrageous, though, is Valkyrae's characterization of Chihuahuas. She seemed almost upset over the comparison, clearly forgetting that Chihuahuas are some of the most adorable and loving dogs on the market right now. Okay, yeah, no that isn't true. Those things are ugly as fork...

Valkyrae Reacts To Chihuahua Accusations

During a livestream, Valkyrae took a gander at Twitter (something that no one should do, ever) and discovered something that shocked her to the core: fans were comparing her to different dog breeds. The consensus? Valkyrae is like a Chihuahua. As you can expect, Valkyrae wasn't quite sure about this comparison...

So, I was just minding my own business, browsing Twitter, and I also see on the Rae Twitter page ‘If Rae were a dog breed, what would she be?’... I do not give off Chihuahua energy, okay? I am more than that, I am way more than that, I'll have you know.

Oh, Rae, you need not concern yourself with such things. And in any case, the fans have spoken, and they have given you an identity. Just enjoy it, take it into your heart and embrace your inner Chihuahua. Why do they think she's a Chihuahua? Who the bloody hell knows, to be honest, but it is darn funny.

Instead of taking the comparison too much to heart, though, Valkyrae chimed in with her own perspective on the matter. Which dog breed would she compare herself to? Well, the answer was simple...

I think I’m more of a Rottweiler. A Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, maybe.

So there you have it, folks: Valkyrae is a little mad that y'all think that she's like a Chihuahua and would much prefer you to compare her to a big aggressive dog like a Rottweiler. Why she would prefer that particular comparison might be beyond us, but you know what? It's her life, her choice.