Valkyrae Reveals Why She Won't Play GTA RP

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one of the biggest streamers there are. Although she's not sticking to one game and has a wide lineup of games that she plays, she won't play GTA online. Here's the reason why.
Valkyrae GTA
Valkyrae will not play GTA online

Valkyrae is one of the biggest streamers out there. She has a legion of fans and entertains them with various games and her fun personality. She played GTA online for quite some time and embraced the world and the gameplay. In fact GTA RP even brought her a lot of new fans and views.

Then she stopped to play GTA and fans got upset. Now she made a statement for all the guys out there, complaining that she has to play GTA more.

Why Has Valkyrae Stopped Playing GTA RP?

You can imagine those guys telling here to start playing GTA RP again. She had a clear response to those people (which must have been quite annoying).

She made it clear that she's a variety streamer, playing different games and if she stops playing a game that doesn't mean she hates it. She wants to play different games and experience all kind of gameplay and try various genres.

That's the downside on jumping on different games. People always think: Finally, this streamer is playing "my game". And they hope that it'll never stop. But there is so much more out there besides GTA online.

But obviously we would be happy seeing her in GTA one day again. It’s unclear when or if Valkyrae will make a return to GTA RP. If she should play it again, we're among the people who will watch her stream, that's for sure.