Valkyrae's Net Worth: Fastest Millionaire?

Valkyrae is a fast millionaire! (Credit: MGKxCorpse)

Valkyrae's rise to internet fame was fast! But What is Valkyrae’s net worth? It is quite possible she is already a multi-millionaire already given her multiple income streams.

Rachel Hofstetter is Valkyrae’s real name and is the fastest-growing influencer to pop off recently. So it is no wonder that her net worth is in the millions of dollars. She started streaming in 2015 but gained popularity in only a short period of time.

How Does Valkyrae Earn Money?

Valkyrae gained massive numbers of followers through Among Us (Credit: InnerSloth)

Like most influencers these days, she has multiple channels of income but her rise in popularity came from her Among Us sessions with other popular streams when the game was at peak hotness.

While Among Us has cooled off quite a bit and is now everyone’s side game, Valkyrae has become even hotter in her own right.

If you have somehow not seen the new music video by MGK X Corpse Husband, then you need to fix that right now. While Valkyrae did no singing on the track, she did play the body double for Corpse Husband as he rapped over top of her performance.

Valkyrae has also done music collabs with the likes of Natsumiii and Lilypichu in the adorable track, Last Cup of Coffee.

Valkyrae is clearly involved in multiple successful projects and is even part of the esports org 100 Thieves just showing how prominent an influencer she has become.

What Is Valkyrae’s Net Worth?

Since we have looked at the different ways Valkyrae makes money, we can attempt to answer that very question. How much is she actually worth? All things considered, we can safely place Valkyrae’s net worth somewhere in the ballpark of $2 million per year.

Given her numbers on YouTube alone, we feel this is a fairly conservative estimate. However, do not forget about the taxes that streamers have to pay in the US. They are no joke! Many streams pay large portions of their earnings to the taxman each year since they are considered private business owners and donations by fans are heavily taxed.

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