Logan Paul's Hand Injury "Career-Ending"

Logan Paul has revealed a hand injury inflicted by a miss-punch on a boxing arcade machine that may be "career-ending".
Logan paul injury
Will Logan Paul have to quit professional fighting after this injury? | © Logan Paul via Twitter

After an injury sustained after Logan Paul missed a punch on an arcade boxing machine and hit the wall instead, the professional fighter and YouTube star is concerned that his fighting career could be over. After standing up surprisingly well against Floyd Mayweather last year, the incident reportedly occurred when Paul had a bit too much to drink in a pub in Germany.

According to Logan Paul, his doctor asked him to hang up the boxing gloves for good after the accident. It is unclear whether Paul has - or will continue to - taken this advice, but he hasn't boxed since the infamous Mayweather fight back in June 2021. He has, however, started a transition into WWE, something that he is rumored to be considering as a potential full-time career.

Major hand-injuries like this are often career-enders for professional fighters like Logan Paul. Whilst WWE is less taxing on one's hands as something like boxing, it is still a pretty big risk for someone who has suffered a bad hand injury, or some other kind of injury, in the past. After all, even Conor McGregor has struggled to build back up his UFC ability after breaking his leg last year.

Logan Paul's Talks About "Career-Ending" Hand Injury On Podcast

Speaking on the IMPAULSIVE Podcast a few days ago, Logan Paul revealed the true extent of his hand injury, sharing the full story with his audience. It seems that Paul had had a few too many to drink whilst at a pub in Germany and was warned by the bartender before the accident.

I see one of those arcade punching boxing machines in a bar, and I said I need to set the high score because I’m a [forking] boxer... The bartender made it very clear after he saw my vigour with the first punch that many men and women have broken their hands on the column next to the game. I said, guy, I’m a boxer. I’m not going to hit the [forking] wall.

Ultimately, Logan Paul ignored the pleads of the bartender and went back towards the bench, lining up for an attack. He claims that he went "Happy Gilmore style" and ended up hitting the wall - exactly where the bartender said he would - at a high speed and with a lot of power.

He claims that he knew how bad it was almost straight away, as the blow basically shattered his hand. At the hospital, he was told that the third metacarpal - which he claims is "the most important joint in your hand" - was completely destroyed. The doctor told him that, for boxers, this was a "career-ending injury".

Immediately I knew I shattered my hand. I didn’t know how bad it was. I got to the hospital, and they’re like, dude you shattered your third metacarpal on your hand. It’s the most important joint in your hand, and for boxers, this is a career-ending injury.

Whether or not this truly halts the growth and success of Logan Paul's Boxing career is yet to be seen, though he hasn't fought in quite a long time. It is still possible that he may make a pivot away from boxing and towards more wrestling-based professional fighting like WWE, but only time will tell if he is successful.