Fast X Director Quits After Fighting With Vin Diesel

Reports suggest that Fast & Furious 10's director, Justin Lin, has quit work on the film after a massive fallout with Vin Diesel.

Fast x director quits
Oh, Vin, what did you do this time? | © Universal Pictures / Justin Lin / EarlyGame

A report from the New York Daily News has been corroborated by The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that Fast and Furious 10's director, Justin Lin, is departing the project. Whilst it is currently all hear-say, it seems that the decision to leave Fast X follows a row between the director and Vin Diesel over the movie's script.

Rumours surrounding the accomplished film director's decision to leave the project have been circling like vultures, driven by reports like those from THR that suggest the above-mentioned theory.

Filming has already begun for the next installment in this long-running action franchise. As usual, the creators have been pretty tight-lipped on what Fast X will give us, though we can, of course, expect the usual extravagant explosions and star-studded cast.

Fast X Director's Row With Vin Diesel May Have Caused Departure

It seems like the family-vibe that Fast and Furious has become synonymous with is crumbling around the team's feet. Lin's departure was preceded, according to sources close to The Hollywood Reporter, a "major disagreement" between the director and Vin Diesel.

Diesel has apparently begun giving notes to the film's director in a four-person meeting. The anonymous source told The Hollywood Reporter that Justin Lin "finally had enough" and claimed that "this movie is not worth" his "mental health".

Speaking on Justin Lin's departure from the project, a Universal Pictures spokesperson said that "any creative differences leading to Justin Lin's exit were with the studio, not with fellow producers, cast or crew". This would seem to contradict the suggestion that the split comes as the result of a disagreement with Vin Diesel.

It seems that Lin's departure was actually brewing for quite some time behind the scenes, something that the franchise's chirpy Twitter account would not suggest. Creative differences are a pretty common reason for these kinds of departures, you just wouldn't expect it from a franchise as... well... non-creative as Fast & Furious.

His decision to leave the franchise behind was actually announced by that same Twitter account on April 29, when Lin wrote "with the support of Universal, I have made the difficult decision to step back as director of Fast X". It seems that they'll have to find a new director pretty darn fast, seeing as the film is already in production...