Bella Poarch To Star In Marvel Movie

Bella Poarch is eyeing a part in a Marvel Movie, potentially bringing the TikTok star onto the silver screen...

bella poarch marvel
Oh, dear god... | © Bella Poarch via Twitter / Disney / EarlyGame

Viral TikTok star Bella Poarch may be jumping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to an interview she gave with Rolling Stone. After making her name with bizarre facial expressions and lip-syncing, it would truly be a departure from her current career. It's also not one that many Marvel fans will be happy about.

Bella Poarch appeared in 2020, going viral with a variety of TikToks that captured many people's attention over the last two years. Her rise to stardom has been rapid, and based on both her TikTok career and her music video that featured not only the likes of Valkyrae, but a porn star as well.

A bid for Hollywood does kind-of feel a bit forced, though. Just because you have the chops for social media fame doesn't mean that you're cutout for acting, especially seeing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock-a-block full of A-list superstar actors who have far more experience than Bella Poarch.

Bella Poarch Might Be In Marvel Movie

Bella Poarch, who has almost 90 million followers on TikTok, has talked about possibly becoming "an action star or a Marvel superhero". Which superhero she would become is, unsurprisingly, completely uncertain, however, she could potentially be a relatively convincing action hero due to her experience in the Navy. That is, if her acting chops are up to scruff...

Speaking of her experience in the Navy, Bella Poarch said the following to Rolling Stone:

I was the smallest person in my workplace... My job [was] picking up 80-pound, big machine guns and taking them to helicopters and doing maintenance on them. They would make fun of me: ‘Oh, you’re so tiny.’ But it helped me push myself. It taught me that even if you’re the smallest person, you can do whatever you want. You can get through a lot of things.

The interview then went on to mention that she could potentially be considering roles in future Marvel movies, but that her music career is certainly her priority right now. Ultimately, whether Bella Poarch will eventually feature in an Action or Marvel movie is uncertain.