Brie Larson Joins Fast & Furious 10 (Yes, Captain Marvel)

Brie Larson is the latest megastar to join the Fast & Furious franchise. Here's what we know about the confirmed addition.
Brie larson fast and furious
I know she's gonna kick ass. | © Fast and Furious, Marvel

This is the most unexpected casting… ever. Or… is it? Look, Brie Larson has often been turned into a symbol of 'negative' feminism in Hollywood. Specifically, as an anti-men feminist. I don't know that I agree with that, because if she were that, why would she join the Marvel universe, which caters to a large male audience and male superhero fantasies, and why would she now join the arguably most testosterone filled franchise in the history of movies: Fast & Furious? The internet is just insecure and likes to hate Brie… screw them.

Brie Larson Joins Fast & Furious 10

I think Brie is just down for having a good time on movie sets, and also, kudos to her – I mean, she is now a part of the two longest running and most successful franchises in the history of cinema, so she's cemented her place in movie history for all eternity.

Of course, Vin Diesel already ushered her in with the cringe 'Welcome to the FAMILY, Brie' – but hey, that picture is honestly super cute:

So, Fast & Furious is shaping up to be quite something, because Brie joins Jason Momoa, who's also been confirmed to join the cast as the movie's villain (and who is seemingly everywhere these days... damn...) (editor note: I ain't even mad though). Of course, The Rock will not be a part of the 10th iteration, because him and Vin Diesel don't like each other no more. Sad. Turns out, movie family is not forever.