Gotham Knights Looks Worse Than A 7-Year-Old Game

Gotham Knights has already been a disappointing release in many ways. A graphical comparison with Arkham Knight from 2015 manages to put yet another nail in the coffin.

Batman from Arkham Knight and Nightwing from Gotham Knights
Batman be like "you guys miss me yet?" | © WB Games

I really, really want to like Gotham Knights, but it just seems like a botched product. Considering all the technical hiccups surrounding the 30 FPS cap in Gotham Knights, we were already disappointed by the technical performance and it seemed like a game that went through a troubled development cycle. This impression is getting even stronger, now that the game is releasing, especially after comparing it with the last game of this kind, Arkham Knight.

Gotham Knights Continues To Disappoint

Batman's last adventure in Rocksteady's iconic games series came out in 2015, and while it had some issues, one thing can't be denied: the game looked insanely good. That was especially true at the time, but still applies today. And apparently that's a benchmark that's still hard to reach, as comparisons by Digital Foundry show. They put Arkham Knight side-by-side with Gotham Knights, and the results are just... a shame. Check out the clip here:

The game looks so flat in comparison. The lighting, the details, the crowds: it's all sub par, especially when compared to a game that's seven years old at this point. And don't forget that this is coming out exclusively on next-gen consoles. It's just not good enough, and like I said: that's a big shame.

Even before the comparison we knew Gotham Knights was bad. Listen to us rant about what it could have been... sadge.

Before you go off though: don't hate on the developers. Please. No developer wants to release a game that people think is disappointing. The game clearly went through its fair share of difficulties in development, especially while having to make the game during the pandemic. We're all disappointed, I get it. But don't let it out on the devs.

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