Gotham Knights: Co-Op & Cross-Play Explained

In Gotham Knights, co-op will be available for the first time in the Batman-related game series. But it is a bit weird. The same goes for the question of cross-play in the game. Here's everything you need to know about co-op and cross-play in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Coop Crossplay
Gotham Knights will have co-op, but does it have cross-play? We will explain everything you need to know. | © WB Games

Gotham Knights is coming out on October 21 and is set to be the spiritual successor to the famous Arkham series of games. But this time, you're not playing as The Dark Knight. You're gonna fight crime with the Batman family; Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood. Four heroes punching baddies to a pulp, screams for some co-op action, right? Well, thankfully Gotham Knights will have co-op. But it is not quite that simple, there are still some open questions left.

How does co-op work in Gotham Knights? Is there cross-play? We will explain everything you need to know about multiplayer, co-op and cross-play in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Co-Op Explained

Gotham Knights will have co-op multiplayer, in which players can come together to explore Gotham, progress through the story, hunt for trophies or just do whatever shenanigans you feel like. The developers promise to give players as much freedom as possible, even going as far as to allow everyone to pick the same heroes.

But... there are some restrictions to the fun. The first restriction is that you can't play with four players: Gotham Knights co-op is only available for two players at the same time. That is a bit of a shame, considering that... you know, it's four characters. That is quite a bummer, as couch co-op is still unbeatable in terms of having fun with video games.

There is another restriction to the co-op gameplay though: there won't be any split screen co-op for Gotham Knights, you will only be able to play together online. Split screen has been sadly neglected in recent years, which is a big shame. We assume that it would be too big of a technical hurdle, to get a big open world game like Gotham Knights to run properly with two players on one screen. Even the new gen consoles struggle with pulling that off properly.

Does Gotham Knights Multiplayer Co-Op Have Cross-Play?

Unfortunately no, there is no cross-play for the co-op mode in Gotham Knights. That is also really unfortunate, as cross-play is becoming more and more common in games. And it is just hella convenient when you don't have to worry about being on the same system as your buddy. But that will be the case for Gotham Knights.

We're sure that Gotham Knights will be awesome in co-op, but will it be as good as our favorites in that genre?